Eighth Judicial District Court Issues Order Assigning Juvenile Cases

On Tuesday, April 28, the Eighth Judicial District Court issued Administrative Order 20-15 modifying current case assignments related to juvenile dependency, juvenile delinquency, temporary protective orders and child support cases. The order becomes effective May 4, 2020.

According to the order:

Fifty percent of the open, closed and future juvenile delinquency cases will be randomly assigned to Department L. Department A will hear juvenile delinquency cases on Mondays and Wednesdays; Department L will hear juvenile delinquency cases on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Hearing Master William Croft will continue to assist with the Department A delinquency cases. Hearing Master Croft will continue to be assigned the restitution calendar. Hearing Master Soonhee Bailey will be assigned to assist with the Department L delinquency cases. Hearing Master Bailey will continue to be assigned the DAAY Court, which will be overseen by the Department L judge.

All juvenile sex offense trials and evidentiary hearings are to be heard by the assigned district court judge. Hearing Master Holly Roys will be reassigned to the TPO division. The cases currently handled by Hearing Master Roys will be randomly reassigned 50 percent each to Departments A and L.

The Department L civil domestic cases will be covered by senior judges or other district court judges until further notice. Effective immediately, Hearing Master Amy Mastin will be reassigned to the Child Support Division.

Court administration shall publish the list of cases affected by the reassignments mentioned above on the Eighth Judicial District Court’s website.