The Nevada Supreme Court provided the data captured in the State Bar of Nevada’s COVID-19 vaccine survey to the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services. We can confirm that the lists were forwarded to various health districts and that Nevada attorneys and support staff have been included in the Nevada Frontline Community Support Plan. Some of you have heard that public defenders and district attorneys have already received vaccines. This is due to this group of attorneys being included in the law enforcement priority lane as described in the Nevada Frontline Community Support Plan.

At this point the state bar does not have specifics as to the timing of the vaccine or communication plan for Nevada attorneys in each county. Each county in Nevada has its own COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan based on the size and needs of its population, and how quickly it moves through priority populations. Nevada has a limited supply of the vaccine, which has contributed to the delay in the vaccine being distributed to the individuals in priority lanes outlined in the Frontline Community Support Plan. For current information, you may visit the COVID-19 Immunization website that has the plans per county at:

The Nevada Supreme Court staff continues to monitor vaccine distribution for attorneys. The state bar will work with the Supreme Court to provide updated information as it becomes available. If you or a staff member did not complete the COVID-19 vaccination survey for those interested in receiving the vaccine and would like to do so, you may be included on a supplemental list by clicking this link no later than February 5, 2021.