Boulder Township Response to Coronavirus

The Boulder Township Justice Court will continue to accept filings and continue to operate managing cases as normal, with some changes, the court announced on Tuesday, March 17, via Administrative Order 20-01.

Individuals are encouraged to use the court’s written plea form on the court’s website, rather than appearing in person for arraignments. Similarly, individuals with money due to the court are encouraged to make those payments online via the court’s website.

Requests for continuance will be broadly and reasonably granted by the court clerk staff without the necessity of judicial approval, to anyone requesting rescheduling. The same is true of requests for continuances.

Most criminal out-of-custody hearings will be continued for a period of 60 to 90 days. Attorneys are encouraged to communicate with the court via email or phone to obtain new dates for these matters.

For more information, see the text of the administrative order.

According to an amendment added to the administrative order, Boulder Township Justice Court has suspended all landlord/tenant cases for 30 days, through April 20, 2020. All cases of that type are continued.