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Orders from the Nevada Supreme Court: June Rules Changes

In June, the Nevada Supreme Court issued the following Administrative Orders:

  • ADKT 462: Order amending Supreme Court Rules related to maintenance of trust funds in approved financial institutions (amending SCRs 78.5 and 217 and repealing SCR 218). Effective 07/03/2011.
  • ADKT 418: Order amending Eighth Judicial District Court Rules. Effective 07/29/2011.
  • ADKT 458: Order amending Part VIII of the Supreme Court Rules, regarding the Standing Committee on Judicial Ethics. Effective 07/29/2011.
  • ADKT 0461: Order amending Eighth Judicial District Court Rule 7.27 (filing of civil trial memoranda). Effective 07/29/2011.

For an expanded list of rules changes, please visit our Rules Changes page.