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Real Estate Glossary

Foreclosure Rescue Specialist
A “foreclosure rescue specialist” may also be known as a “credit doctor” or “credit counselor.”  These are unregulated and unlicensed businesses that are often scams.  They are not foreclosure defense attorneys and should be avoided.  Historically, they have done little or nothing to help those with pending foreclosures and, often, cause harm as they delay stressed homeowners from getting legal help until it’s too late.

Acceleration Clause
An “acceleration clause” is a provision, typically, in a mortgage which causes all of the principal and interest to be due immediately, if payment terms are not met.  Acceleration clauses are found in mortgages, bonds, notes and conditional sales contracts.

Abstract of Title
An “abstract of title” is a summary of the history of a piece of real estate.  It contains a record of transfers of ownership and liens such as mortgages.

Quiet Enjoyment
Each property owner or tenant has the right to enjoy his or her property without disruption or interference.  Interference with someone’s right of quiet use and enjoyment may be an actionable nuisance. 

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