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Personal Injury Glossary


The Plaintiff in a lawsuit is the injured person or the injured person's family member that is seeking compensation for the injuries.

The Defendant in a lawsuit is the person(s) or business(es) that caused the injury.

Preponderance of the Evidence
“Preponderance of the Evidence” refers to the legal standard required to prove negligence. The injured person must show that, more likely than not, the defendant was negligent.

Distracted Driver
A “distracted driver” is any driver who is doing anything in addition to driving.  Common, accident causing distractions include texting, making phone calls, loud music, disruptive children and pets, reading, putting on makeup, adjusting the radio, and picking up something on the floor.

Defective Product
A defective product is any product which causes injury and is dangerous becauseof how it was designed or manufactured.  Examples of defective products could be a hair dryer that burns the user, a drug that injures or kills a patient, or a tire that explodes while driving.

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