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Gaming Law FAQs

Does my company need a gaming compliance plan? 
Yes, if your company is a gaming company, you need a gaming compliance plan to ensure that your company operates within all gaming laws and regulations.  To stay in business, you must stay in compliance and gaming laws and regulations are complex and ever changing.  Gaming lawyers draft and help companies implement gaming compliance plans.

What does the Nevada Gaming Commission do?
The mission of the Nevada Gaming Commission is to control all gaming licensing matters and make rulings in work permit appeal cases.  Lastly, the Commission creates regulations to implement and enforce Nevada’s state gaming laws, working in conjunction with the State Gaming Control Board.

If I am arrested for illegal gambling, should I call a gaming lawyer?
If you’re arrested for illegal gambling, it is likely in your best interest to consult with a qualified criminal defense attorney, not a gaming lawyer. 

Where can I review the Nevada gaming laws and regulations?
The Nevada Gaming Commission and State Gaming Control Board provide a listing of Nevada gaming statutes and regulations; click here to see a complete list.

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