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Nevada Employment Lawyer

You might have heard of “whistleblower” and sexual harassment protection laws; these are employment law (i.e. “labor law”) issues that make the news.  Labor laws seek to protect workers from unfair pay and abuse, including unsafe and unhealthy working conditions.  With the empowerment of labor unions and labor laws, working conditions have improved vastly; however, there remain challenging issues in the workplace. 

Employment law attorneys handle all legal issues related to the employee – employer relationship, including hiring procedures, employee job tasks, compensation, advancement, review and ending the employment relationship.

Legal Issues Related to Employment Law
You likely have seen headlines regarding controversial immigration laws; most immigration laws have labor law components.  No legal issue exists independently; there are always related legal issues.  Labor law/employment law encompasses all of these legal issues:  workers' compensation law, wage laws, child labor laws, tax law, privacy laws, contract law, sexual harassment laws, anti-discrimination laws, whistleblower laws, ERISA laws, union formation laws and immigration laws.

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