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Corporate FAQs

Where can I get more information about establishing a corporation in Nevada?
The Nevada Secretary of State website provides a lot of information about establishing a corporation in Nevada.  Click here to be directed to the Nevada Secretary of State website.  If you need more information or would like to set up a corporation, consult with a qualified Nevada corporate attorney.

How do I set up a corporation in Nevada?
To set up a corporation, you must file articles of incorporation with the Nevada Secretary of State (link immediately above.)  A lawyer can provide you with valuable legal advice as to which corporate entity is right for your individual situation.  There are professional corporations, close corporations, C corporations, S corporations, and non-profit corporations.

Do corporations pay taxes?
Yes, corporations file and pay taxes. 

What is an acquisition?  How is it different from a merger?
Corporate lawyers guide mergers and acquisitions.  An acquisition is the taking control of a corporation by purchasing all or a majority of its outstanding shares, or by purchasing its assets.  A merger is the statutory combination of two or more corporations in which one of the corporations survives and the other corporation ceases to exist.

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