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Nevada Business Lawyer

A business is any entity engaged in for profit activity. While business law encompasses a myriad of legal specialties, its focus is on the formation, functioning, and wind down of businesses, as well as business transactions.  Nevada business law attorneys counsel prospective entrepreneurs on choosing a legal entity, day-to-day functioning, buy-sell agreements, and the winding down of businesses. 

A lawyer familiar with business law can also assist you in selecting the right type of business entity for your needs (i.e. limited liability company, corporation, partnership). 

Day-to-day business functioning requires expertise of employment, tax, estate planning, immigration, intellectual property, and bankruptcy law.  If you are or you aspire to be a business owner, it is likely in your best interests to work with a team of qualified Nevada attorneys.  The composition of your legal team will be determined by the size of your business as well as your individual needs and goals.

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