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Nevada Appellate Practice Manual 2004

Nevada Appellate Practice Manual, First Edition 2004

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The Nevada Appellate Practice Manual 2004 edition is available in a downloadable PDF format.


IMPORTANT: This downloadable version does not contain rule changes from 2009.


The print version is currently being updated to include changes to the NV Rules of Appellate Procedure, effective 7/1/09. However, for all cases filed before that date, the prior rules will apply. Let the Nevada Appellate Practice Manual 2004 guide you through the process!

This book features eighteen chapters covering every area of Nevada’s appellate practice and includes a table of authorities as well as a filing and fee timetable.IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a downloadable PDF version of the Nevada Appellate Practice Manual 2004 version. The print version of this book is currently being updated to reflect the changes to the Nevada Rules of Appellate Procedure enacted in 2009. However, the old rules are still in effect for cases filed before July 1, 2009.

Since Nevada has no intermediate court of appeals, Nevada’s Supreme Court’s caseload that exceeds that of any other state – in 2002, 1,866 cases were disposed of while 1,711 new ones were filed.  Thus there are many guidelines and rules in place to ensure uniformity among appeals, including the Nevada Rules of Appellate Practice and the Supreme Court Rules.  This book is designed not as a replacement to these rules but as an aid to understanding them.

This book can help you decide whether to appeal, teach you how to prepare appellate briefs and how to improve your oral argument.  It also covers motion practice, criminal and civil jurisdiction, expedited criminal appeals, writ petitions, capital cases and more.

Items Covered Include:

  • Communicating with the Court
  • Decisions to Appeal
  • Settlement
  • Stays and Injunctions
  • Motion Practice
  • Civil Jurisdiction
  • Remittiturs and Rehearing
  • Criminal Jurisdiction
  • Expedited Criminal Appeals
  • Writ Petitions
  • Appellate Briefs
  • Guide to Oral Argument
  • Capital Cases
  • Timetables for Filing

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