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Minimum continuing legal education requirements

Notice of Amendment to SCR 210:
Minimum continuing legal education requirements

Effective March 20, 2014, the Nevada Supreme Court amended Supreme Court Rule 210 regarding mandatory continuing legal education via ADKT 478. The order makes it mandatory for all active Nevada attorneys to take a minimum of one CLE hour once every three years on substance abuse, addictive disorders and or mental health issues (9 general, 2 ethics, and 1 AAMH). Credit must be earned in the first year of the three-year cycle, beginning in 2014. In the remaining two years of the three-year cycle, attorneys shall complete 10 hours of general CLE and 2 hours of ethics each year. Click the link above for the Order and for excess hour carry forward provisions.

Look for CLE offerings from the State Bar of Nevada with the A.A.M.H. code to fulfill this requirement. Plus: Nevada Lawyer articles for CLE Credit.

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