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Young Lawyers: The Young Lawyers Section: Why You Should Join!

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JUNE 2009
“We all should take pride in our profession and recognize the importance of what we do as Shakespeare did in “King Henry VI” with the suggestion that ‘killing all the lawyers’ would aid in rebellion by removing the symbols and guardians of independent thinking.”
It is with great thanks to our outgoing chair, Stephanie Allen, that I take over to fill some very big shoes. Stephanie has been a wonderful leader and contributing member of the Young Lawyers Section and the State Bar of Nevada for several years and we are thankful and lucky to have such a gifted lawyer and genuine person of high integrity in our statewide legal community. Under her leadership, the Young Lawyers Section had another very successful year of providing young and new lawyers a forum to meet other practicing lawyers and begin what will hopefully be long and enduring relationships and friendships in our legal community, while contributing to charitable projects and causes to improve the quality of life in our state. To start off my year as chair, I will take a run at responding to the question: why be involved in the Young Lawyers Section? In the spirit of Letterman, Leno and late-night television (which is a thing of the past for me now that I have two small children and rarely stay awake past 10 p.m.), I give you the top five reasons: 1. It will make you a better lawyer. Really. You know by now, or are about to soon discover, that law school did not teach you everything you need to know about how to practice law. You likely learned how to think like a lawyer; but, all the local rules, nuances of day-to-day practice and specialized areas of the substantive law must be learned “in the trenches.” This steep learning curve can make for a challenging start. Being involved in the Young Lawyers Section will help you meet other lawyers and mentors who can help “ease your pain.” Throughout the year, YLS also sponsors CLE programs centered on issues
relevant to young and new lawyers. At the State Bar of Nevada’s 2009 Annual Meeting, we hope you will join us for YLS hosted CLEs on discovery, leadership and pro bono opportunities, and media training. YLS also offers a great opportunity to participate in fun socials and charitable community projects (more about that below). 2. It will make you a better person. We all know that giving a little of our own time to help someone else is a good thing to do. As lawyers, I believe it is our moral and professional responsibility to serve the public even if our day-to-day practice is in the private sector. We all should take pride in our profession and recognize the importance of what we do as Shakespeare did in “King Henry VI” with the suggestion that “killing all the lawyers” would aid in rebellion by removing the symbols and guardians of independent thinking. Realize the important role lawyers can play in society and use your ability, talent and skills for the greater good. Your legal training gives you valuable skills to help lead and make positive changes in society. Please take the time to do that and consider YLS as a good place to start. 3. It will help you get to know your colleagues in the local community and the state at social and charitable functions. The YLS sponsors a variety of programs: the Law Suits Clothing Drive; publishing our Coming of Age pamphlet for young adults; the Annual Judge Roger Foley Poster and Essay Contest; golf tournaments; our Trial of Goldilocks program, presented to fourth grade students; our Southern
JUNE 2009
Nevada Toy Drive; our Northern Nevada Coat and Boot Drive; and our Choose Law a Profession for All program, presented to middle- and high-school students. We are always interested in new ways to help, too. Please sign up to volunteer for an existing YLS project or contact me at lgranier@lionelsawyer. com with your ideas about any new projects the section can help establish or promote. 4. It’s fun. We have a great group of people who work together to do good things. We also host socials with free food and drinks to encourage involvement in the section and welcome you to get to know others and more about YLS and its programs. 5. You can serve as an ABA delegate. YLS can also give you a chance to travel to ABA meetings and serve as a delegate for our section. These national meetings provide a great opportunity to make new friends across the country, participate in a wide variety of CLEs, and hear about young lawyer division programs nationwide so we can bring the best and latest back to Nevada. If you ever have questions or comments about YLS, please give me a call or drop me an e-mail. Two of my primary goals this year as chair are to increase our ever-growing membership and launch at least one new community project. I welcome your ideas and suggestions.
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