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Young Lawyers: A New Introduction to the Young Lawyers Section

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Nevada Lawyer Magazine
“The most gratifying work the YLS does throughout the year is organizing and executing its public service programs.”
Young Lawyers
First, I would like to take a moment to thank Paola Armeni for her years of service to the Young Lawyers Section and for her outstanding leadership as chair this past year. Second, I would like to reintroduce you to the Young Lawyers Section (YLS). The YLS is one of the most active sections of the state bar, because its members see the value in its programs and are willing give their time in pursuit of service. The stated purpose of the YLS is to: • further the objectives of the State Bar of Nevada, • to stimulate young lawyers’ interest in the activities of the state bar, • to assist the state bar in the identification of projects, and • to conduct programs of interest and value to young lawyers and those recently admitted to practice. Simply, the YLS is here to serve young and newlyadmitted lawyers and the public, through member-oriented and public service activities. I hope that, as you reacquaint yourself with our programs, you will be inspired to give of your time and participate because the continued success of our programs depends on our members’ service. presented its third Annual Trial Academy at the State Bar of Nevada Annual meeting. Our Trial Academy gives participants the opportunity to hone their trial advocacy skills in front of Nevada’s premier judges, attorneys and justices. Where else can a young lawyer practice their oral advocacy skills in front of a Nevada Supreme Court Justice, network with the foremost practitioners in the state and then relax in a beautiful location? Additionally, the YLS presents and co-sponsors CLE courses designed to introduce young lawyers to practice areas they desire to learn more about as well as courses that can be beneficial for their public service. This year the YLS is also conducting its biennial compensation survey of the salaries and benefits of young lawyers. This survey is invaluable to young lawyers when it comes to assessing whether or not their compensation is commiserate with the service they provide their employers; so we ask that you please take the time to respond when you receive the survey. Finally, the section holds a number of social networking events throughout the year in order to help young lawyers connect with others who are also learning the practice and who can provide a little bit of insight, encouragement and maybe a war story or two.
Member Oriented Service
Throughout the year the YLS plans and performs a number of member programs aimed at helping our members develop their skills as legal practitioners, connect with other lawyers and gain information that is beneficial to their practices. This past month the YLS 34 Nevada Lawyer July 2012
Public Service Projects
The most gratifying work the YLS does throughout the year is organizing and executing its public service programs. Our public service programs include the provision of pro bono legal services, the coordination of community donations and presentation of law related education in the community.
Nevada Lawyer Magazine
Two of our pro bono projects are Project Salute and Serving Seniors. These programs are national programs that the YLS helps coordinate in Nevada. Project Salute takes place around Veteran’s Day; participating young lawyers complete a Veterans Affairs accreditation course and serve in a clinic that teaches our veterans about available benefits and assists them in obtaining these benefits. Serving Seniors is a project we hold in the spring; its purpose isto educate senior citizens about their estate planning options and to help them prepare simple estate planning documents. We also coordinate the Law Suits Clothing Drive each October, during which we collect gently used suits and business attire to donate to charities in Nevada, and a holiday toy drive that coordinates the gathering of new toys for children during the holiday season. Finally, the YLS sponsors a number of programs for school children in our state. One of our best known programs is our Goldilocks Program. Goldilocks teaches elementary school children about the judicial process through an hour-long presentation based on the fictional trial of the fairy tale character Goldilocks. In
addition, each spring, in coordination with the Nevada Supreme Court, we put on a poster and essay contest for Law Day. We also distribute informational materials to school children in the state; among those materials is the pamphlet, “Now That You’re 18,” which helps to educate youth about some of the new rights and responsibilities that come with reaching the age of majority. The YLS is your section and we are always looking for the help of young lawyers who are seeking to improve their practices by making a difference. We look forward to seeing you at our events and programs.
JEREMY REICHENBERG is the new chair of the Young Lawyers section. He is the Senior Deputy District Attorney for the Lyon County District Attorney’s office. Reichenberg earned his J.D. from Nebraska College of Law at the University of Nebraska.
If you are a member of the State Bar of Nevada and serve or have served in the U.S. military, please send an e-mail to
November’s Military Issue of Nevada Lawyer:
Your e-mail should include: Full Name as you would like it to appear; Bar Number; Branch of Service (Because of space limitations, we can include only branch perperson; it is best to list only the branch you most prefer to be affiliated with); Let us know if you served as a JAG officer; and PHOTOS: Send us high res digital shots of yourself in uniform, if you have them. Keep it fair; if you sent a photo last year, let someone else have the space this year. The state bar does not keep records of military service, so we only know if you tell us. Please send us your information so that we can include your name in this special feature. The deadline is September 14, 2011. Please send us your information even if you have been included in past military lists!
July 2012 Nevada Lawyer 35
Don’t be Left Out.
Nevada Lawyer’s November issue coincides with Veteran’s Day and the magazine editors would like take this opportunity, as in years past, to recognize State Bar of Nevada members with military backgrounds.

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