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Young Lawyers: The Long View ...

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Nevada Lawyer Magazine
“For me, the practice of law and the ability to help others gives a higher purpose to the short-term sacrifices.”
Young Lawyers
During this year, we launched Project Salute in the state of Nevada. With the help of Nevada Legal Services and University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, we were able to help hundreds of veterans in our state by educating them about available benefits and helping them obtain those benefits. We also held our Serving Seniors event for the second year running. With the assistance of Nevada Legal Services, we were able to help hundreds of senior citizens throughout Nevada with estate planning, probate, guardianship and other matters. In addition to providing legal services to those in need, the Young Lawyers Section also continued with its annual charitable giving events. Our Law Suits Clothing Drive collected hundreds of items of professional dress to donate to Shade Tree Shelter for homeless and abused women and children, and for ProNet, a nonprofit organization that prepares unemployed professionals to re-enter the workforce. We also had our annual toy drive to collect toys for needy children and continued our community education projects this year. We had volunteers in classrooms around Nevada teaching elementary school students about our justice system through our Goldilocks program. We participated in Law Week, and we distributed the “Now You Are 18” guidebook to high school seniors. Finally, the YLS continued to serve our members. We offered more CLE courses to our members than ever before. We once again held our Annual Trial Academy – one of the premier events at the State Bar Annual Meeting. We also had some fun. I hope that you were able to attend one of our social events to relax and socialize with other young lawyers or that you gained some insight from our YLS Newsletter. I want to thank all of the members of the YLS board and our amazing event chairs. Without them, our section could not have accomplished all of the wonderful things it
As you read this article it is likely that I am in a courtroom trying one of the most difficult cases of my young career. It has a heart-wrenching fact pattern with tragic consequences and the stakes on the outcome are of the highest order. During the last few months I have frequently missed my son’s bedtimes and have been too busy or too tired to return messages from my friends and family. I feel the weight of guilt as I ask my wife to shoulder more than her share of the daily chores. The mental toll of the case drains me physically. And, on top of that, I live with the constant fear that, in spite of all my preparation, I will experience some momentary slip of the tongue that will go on to live in infamy in the annals of the Nevada Supreme Court. Yet, as hard as this time is, I do not question whether or not I made the right choice when I decided to go to law school. I do not begrudge my student loan debt or my golden handcuffs. This is because I work in a profession where I can help people. Being a lawyer is tough and stressful because, as lawyers, we guide and assist people through some of the toughest and most stressful periods in their own lives. Lawyers jump into the fray to lead their clients through the trials and tribulations of dispute and conflict. We feel the highs of the ups and the disappointment of the lows because we are the leaders those in need turn to. Practicing law is a big responsibility, but it is also a huge opportunity: an opportunity to help and counsel others. The satisfaction gained through helping others makes the difficult aspects of the practice of law worthwhile, because we lawyers have the ability to serve others in ways that are bigger than ourselves. It is for this reason that I am so thankful for the privilege of serving as chair of the Young Lawyers Section (YLS) this past year.
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has, and I thank them for their hard work and dedication. I also want to congratulate Kendelee Works on being the 20132014 chair. I know she will continue to build these great projects and serve our members and our community. The practice of law can be difficult – stressful, emotionally draining and demanding of your time. But, for me, when I take a step back and look down the road to all of the opportunities that a career practicing law provides, both personally and for those I represent, it’s worth it. There are times in this profession when long hours away from family and friends and challenging work are unavoidable; but taking a moment to step back and look at the long view helps me to focus my priorities, especially when the going gets tough. For me, the practice of law and the ability to help others gives a higher purpose to the short-term sacrifices. A commitment to service and helping others is something that I want to demonstrate to my son. I also want to thank my wonderful wife Catherine for her wise counsel, amazing effort and boundless energy. She is an amazing partner who daily shows me how to live life and practice law correctly. Good luck to all of you in your careers and in your practice. I look forward to working with you in the future.
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