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Young Lawyers: Introducing the YLS Newsletter

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Nevada Lawyer Magazine
“The YLS Newsletter is another excellent tool with which to accomplish that goal and we will work hard to provide the best, most relevant and most insightful content available.”
Young Lawyers
The Young Lawyers Section (YLS) is proud to announce the successful launch of the YLS Newsletter. The YLS Newsletter is a regular publication by Nevada’s young lawyers for Nevada’s young lawyers. Its content is directed at young lawyers, but it is also informative, insightful and relevant to Nevada’s legal community as a whole. Through this newsletter, the Young Lawyers Section is excited to provide more in-depth content and advice for young lawyers, from a wide range of like-minded and experienced professionals throughout Nevada. The YLS Newsletter will consist primarily of regularly featured columns. The “Views from the Bench” column offers advice from judges and justices presiding over a range of jurisdictions throughout Nevada. This column will provide our readers with insight into the judiciaries’ concerns and preferences, as well as offering advice to practicing attorneys throughout the state. In our January 2013 issue, Judge Elissa Cadish discusses the importance of a lawyer’s credibility in her (and any) courtroom. Justice James Hardesty offers appellate advice from the Nevada Supreme Court in the March 2013 issue. Our “Views from the Corner Office” column provides an experienced lawyer’s opinion on difficult issues facing young lawyers, from drafting pleadings that will be effective at trial to handling the business side of practicing law. In the January 2013 issue, Kent Robison of Robison, Belaustegui, Sharp & Low in Reno explains how young lawyers can handle difficult clients and maintain a strong, working attorney-client relationship. 34 Nevada Lawyer April 2013 The YLS Newsletter will also provide an open forum for young lawyers to propose, discuss and implement ways to improve the practice of law in Nevada. Our “Fresh Perspectives” column offers a voice to young lawyers who have ideas, big or small, for improving our field. Our recent “Fresh Perspectives” column proposes modifications to the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure, to streamline written discovery by requiring the propounding party to provide editable versions of the discovery so that the responding party need not retype each request. Such a practice would save all parties time and money and could be easily adopted in today’s electronic world. The standards and procedures we establish today will govern our profession for our entire careers; as young lawyers, it is our duty to work together to do it right. A regular “Flying Solo” column will offer advice for young lawyers who have ventured out on their own or are considering doing so. Experienced solo practitioners will provide guidance, suggestions and tips to help lawyers decide whether or not to hang their own shingles and to improve the practice of those who already have. Much of this advice also carries over to individual lawyers working in a firm setting. Look for our first “Flying Solo” column in the March 2013 issue. The YLS Newsletter will also regularly profile young lawyers in Nevada who are making unique and exceptional use of their law degrees. Nevada’s young lawyers are performing a wide range of services, many that do not conform to the standard law-firm model. Others have carved out a unique niche and have quickly become experts in their areas. By sharing their stories
with other young lawyers in Nevada, we hope to inspire our readers to take on new challenges and creatively get the most out of their law degrees and professional careers. In addition to these recurring columns, the YLS Newsletter is open to any young lawyer with an idea to share, advice to offer or a topic to explore. The newsletter will include articles from guest authors discussing the general issues that face young lawyers as well as news from our legal community that impacts young lawyers. We will also include a calendar of upcoming events and feature highlights from past, successful events to help keep YLS members informed and involved in their section. The Young Lawyers Section strives to help Nevada’s young lawyers build strong foundations so that each generation of lawyers can continue to improve the practice of law in our community. The YLS Newsletter is another excellent tool with which to accomplish that goal and we will work hard to provide the best, most relevant and most insightful content available. Join the Young Lawyers Section to receive the YLS Newsletter by e-mail, or browse archived newsletters on the YLS page at www. Enjoy! April 2013 Nevada Lawyer 35

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