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Young Lawyers: Happy New Year!

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“If you know what motivates you to succeed, make a plan that will help you stick to your resolution.”
The Young Lawyers Section wishes you all a Happy New Year! Hopefully, you had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve and a relaxing New Year’s Day. If you decided on a New Year’s resolution, best wishes in sticking to that resolution. A New Year’s resolution always seems like a good idea at the beginning of each year, but a good number of people do not follow through with their resolutions according to The website suggests that men stick to their resolutions more often when they set small, measurable goals and women stick to their resolutions more often when they make their goals public and obtain support from friends. See http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/New years resolution. The most popular resolutions include losing weight, paying off debt, saving money, getting a better job, getting fit, eating right, getting a better education, drinking less alcohol, quitting smoking, reducing stress overall, reducing stress at work, taking a trip and volunteering to help others. See years resolution citing New Years Resolutions.shtml. All of these resolutions have one thing in common – a commitment to improve one’s current situation. If you are a man, and you have decided to save money as your New Year’s resolution, according to, you may want to set some measurable savings goals to ensure you meet your ultimate resolution. If you are a woman, and you have decided to lose weight, you may want to participate in a weight-loss challenge or some other public or group weight-loss program. It seems that the guys need to know that they are making progress on their resolutions by meeting small goals and that the women need the public pressure to help them stick to their resolutions. Obviously, Wikipedia’s broad classification by gender is not going to be on point with everyone, but it is an interesting observation. Regardless of how you do it, I think it’s admirable to use any tools necessary to get you to your resolution! If you know what motivates you to succeed, make a plan that will help you stick to your resolution. As chair of the Young Lawyers Section, my personal resolution for 2009 is to submit my remaining monthly articles for the Nevada Lawyer on time. I am sure the Nevada Lawyer will be pleased to see that I am following Wikipedia’s advice and making this particular goal public. On a broader scope, I am also setting a goal to get ten new young lawyers active and committed to the Young Lawyers Section of the State Bar of Nevada. If you are a young lawyer interested in getting involved in the Young Lawyers Section of the state bar, please e-mail me at With your help, the Young Lawyers Section will have a successful 2009!

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