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Young Lawyers: 2013 Resolutions for the Young Lawyers Section

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Nevada Lawyer Magazine
“I resolve to increase the number of lawyers providing pro bono service in 2013, by making it easier for busy, young lawyers to volunteer through well-organized pro bono events.”
Young Lawyers
2013 resolUtions For tHe YoUnG laWYers seCtion
If you are reading this article, then the Mayans were wrong, and you, as I am, are likely reflecting on the excesses of the holidays and the year gone by. You are probably contemplating resolutions regarding diet and exercise, or focusing on spending more time on the things in life that really matter, be they family and friends, travel and fun or maybe even career and professional advancement. In that vein, I want to resolve to improve our already strong and vibrant Young Lawyers Section and here is how I want to do it:
Resolution Number 2: I want to improve the level of participation in pro bono community service.
You may be getting sick of my harping on this topic, but I find it galling that only one-third of lawyers report providing any pro bono legal services. I resolve to increase the number of lawyers providing pro bono service in 2013, by making it easier for busy, young lawyers to volunteer through wellorganized pro bono events. This past November we launched our first Project Salute event and helped dozens of veterans across Nevada obtain the benefits they earned serving our country. This event was the start of our providing this necessary service to those who have sacrificed so much for all of us; it represents a commitment to continue to serve those who serve us. This spring we will hold our second annual Serving Seniors pro bono project. This great project provides legal aid to economically disadvantaged senior citizens, bringing them peace of mind regarding future healthcare and financial decisions.
Resolution Number 1: I want to improve the level of service to our members.
One way in which we are improving service to our members is by rolling out a Young Lawyers Newsletter. The newsletter will offer content focused on helping young lawyers maximize their practices while giving its young lawyer contributors state-wide notoriety. It will also be a place to showcase the great work that the Young Lawyers Section is doing. A second way in which we will improve service to our members is by increasing the CLE training programs we offer. We will continue to offer excellent CLE programming, such as the Trial Academy, during which young lawyers can hone their trial skills with preeminent judges and practitioners. We are also partnering with other state bar sections to provide even more content; for example, we will be working with the Solo and Small Firm Section to create a CLE on starting your own practice.
Resolution Number 3: I want to improve the level of law-related and civic education the Young Lawyers Section provides to Nevada.
As lawyers, we have a unique opportunity to take a central role in the civic education of the public. I believe that in the face of cuts to social studies education and the increased demands placed upon educators, that we lawyers
38 Nevada Lawyer
January 2013
must step up to educate the public about the law and government. We must do more to provide a foundation for comprehension of and discussion about our civil institutions. The Young Lawyers Section improves public education regarding the Rule of Law throughout the year with the Goldilocks program. Another way in which the Young Lawyers Section will help promote learning and spur civic discussion is through Law Day events. Our annual Roger Foley Poster and Essay contest will challenge students to critically analyze and discuss ideas related to the Rule of Law. We will celebrate Law Day once again this May, with an awards ceremony recognizing outstanding submissions from Nevada students.
Resolution Number 4: I want to increase the involvement of young lawyers in our programming.
The Young Lawyers Section provides more programming across the spectrum of member services, public service and lawrelated education than any other section. We are able to do so because our members give their time and efforts in pursuit of these goals. In return, young lawyers who participate in our programming gain professional recognition and a sense of satisfaction through helping others. Yet, we could do more. We could do more to help the professional and personal development of our members. We could do more to help provide service to our neighbors in need. We could do more to educate future generations on the importance of the Rule of Law. We could do more with your help. My final resolution is to increase involvement in the section and the number of valuable projects we undertake. If you are one of the 2,500 lawyers 36 years of age or younger, or with five years or less of practice in Nevada, please contact me and get involved. Make sure you are a member of the section so that we can let you know about our great events. Know that your dues go to both our members and the public. Let us know about the great ideas you have. Let your resolution be to make a difference this year.
January 2013
Nevada Lawyer

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