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The State Bar of Nevada's Law Related Education Program

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tHe state BaR oF neVaDa’s LaW ReLateD eDUCation PRoGRaM:
tHe QUest FoR DiVeRsitY in tHe LeGaL PRoFession staRts in tHe CLassRooM
Students participate in Project Citizen.
One fundamental way to grow diversity in Nevada’s legal community is to reach out to young people who might not otherwise choose to pursue legal careers. The State Bar of Nevada’s Law Related Education (LRE) program does this by supporting programs centered on understanding the citizen’s role in government, civil rights and the legal process and, through these programs, bringing Nevada students from every demographic and ethnic background into contact with legal professionals Through these programs, children whose parents may never have finished high school are given the opportunity to work with volunteer attorneys to put together and present their own cases in Mock Trial competitions; they are encouraged
to discuss the Constitution and what it means to them, through the We the People and Law Day programs; they learn to be effective citizens, with a real influence on their own communities, by participating in Project Citizen. The results speak for themselves. Statistics show that school children who participate in such programs are more likely, not only to finish high school, but to go on to seek higher education. With recent government cuts, these programs rely more and more on support and funding from alternate sources. Here is a look at some of LRE’s annual programs:
The State Bar of Nevada’s LRE section helps children grades K-12 learn about the law, the legal system and their rights and responsibilities through activities that promote cooperative learning, problem solving and positive interactions between students and members of the legal community.
Nevada Lawyer
May 2012
LaW ReLateD eDUCation PRoGRaM
Project Citizen
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This civic disenfranchised by education program is their socioeconomic for students in sixth backgrounds that they through ninth grades. have productive roles Students explore to fill in society and public policy in can effect positive relation to identified change. problems in their The State Bar of community, and Nevada encourages prepare a portfolio all members to find a describing the way to get involved problem, identifying in LRE. Whether you alternative solutions, can give a few hours Principal Dr. Maria Chairez, fourth grade students and teachers Barbara Criswell and Monteen selecting the best a year or donate every Javanes present Project Citizen Anti Bullying portfolio April 2012. resolution and other weekend, there formulating an action plan. They then make presentations is a program that will fit your busy schedule. Not only does that are evaluated by educators and members of the legal lawyer participation encourage personal growth in children and community. This program is beneficial to all participants, but diversity in the field, it is also an enriching, fulfilling experience most notably, it teaches young people who might normally feel for the lawyer volunteer!
CONTACT INFORMATION Kathleen Dickinson Law Related Education State Coordinator Phone: (702) 317-1408 • Email:
Nevada Lawyer May 2012

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