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Say "Yes" to Pro Bono

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Dear Nevada Bar Members: We join the State Bar of Nevada in encouraging you to Say Yes to Pro Bono when you pay your bar dues. You can do this by agreeing to accept a case, making a monetary donation or a combination of both. Simply check the corresponding box on your dues statement. If you agree to take a case, you will be contacted by a legal aid provider, who will match you with a compatible pro bono opportunity. Every dollar of your monetary donations supports legal services in your area and makes a genuine difference in people’s lives. No donation is too small, and all are appreciated. Last year members donated about $134,000 to civil legal aid through the dues check-off option, and only about 23 percent of active members took a pro bono case. We sincerely thank these volunteers for their extraordinary efforts. However, Nevada had the largest percentage increase of poverty population in the country according to the 2010 census. Over 1 million Nevadans are living at 200 percent of poverty. That equates to 41 percent of Nevadans qualifying for civil legal aid and in desperate need of services. If every one of them was able to see a civil legal aid attorney, the case load would be well over 5,000 cases to every lawyer. Over the past two years, member donations and volunteer services have steadily declined. Some of you long-time Nevada volunteer attorneys are doing more than your fair share to address this justice gap. More help is needed. To the extent that you are able, we strongly encourage you to consider making a $500 donation with this year’s annual dues. Understanding these are challenging economic times, if you are unable to donate, please pledge to take a case. We appreciate your compassion and dedication. Finally, don’t forget to visit to ensure you are placing all IOLTA eligible trust funds in a financial institution verified to be participating under SCR 217. Thank you again for your support of legal services and your community. Sincerely, Justice James Hardesty Co-Chair Access to Justice Commission Justice Michael Douglas Co-Chair Access to Justice Commission
Support Pro Bono Efforts Via Your Dues Statement
It only takes a few seconds of effort, but for Nevadans in need, checking one box on your state bar annual dues statement might make a lifetime of difference. By doing so, you commit to either making a monetary donation, taking a pro bono case in 2013, or both. The recommended donation is $500, but no donation is too small – every dollar is significant, and goes directly to legal services in Nevada. You can find the box (shown below) on page two of your statement. Just look for the “Say yes to pro Bono” logo.
Check the Box:
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These are challenging economic times – and that’s why supporting pro bono in Nevada is more important than ever. If you are unable to donate, please consider checking the box and agreeing to take a pro bono case – you will be contacted by a legal aid provider who will work with you to find a compatible pro bono opportunity.
and 5,000 people
civil legal aid resources.
Look for this box –
Part B: Voluntary Donations – on page two of your dues statement

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