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Quiz: Oops - Common Mistakes by Practitioners Involving IP Law

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test #12
commoN mistAKEs BY PRActitioNERs iNVoLViNg iP LAW
1. 2. 3. An assignment of trademark rights apart from the underlying goodwill is valid if valuable consideration is paid for the assignment. true or False Joint owners of patents must account to other joint owners for profits derived from the jointly owned patents. true or False Joint owners of copyrights may exploit the copyrights without the consent of the other owner. true or False Registration of a corporate name with the Nevada Secretary of State is a defense to a trademark infringement claim based on the use of that name as a trademark. true or False Sending a cease and desist letter alone cannot create a case or controversy sufficient to form the basis for a declaratory judgment action. true or False Sending a cease and desist letter cannot create a case or controversy unless it contains an overt threat of litigation. true or False Copyrights are created based on the use of the copyrighted work in commerce. true or False 8. Advertising injury provisions in commercial general liability insurance policies provide coverage from some intellectual property infringement claims. true or False Offering a patentable invention for sale immediately destroys patent rights in the United States. true or False
10. Assignment of a copyrighted work automatically results in assignment of the copyrights in the work. true or False 11. Ownership of a federal trademark registration conclusively establishes ownership of the trademark identified in the registration. true or False 12. Prior to forming a corporation for a client, attorneys should advise the client to conduct a trademark search if they plan to use the corporate name for goods and services in commerce. true or False 13. The licensing of trademark rights without adequate quality control can constitute a “naked license” that destroys the trademark rights. true or False 14. Federal copyright and trademark laws provide for election of statutory damages in some cases. true or False
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tEst #12 commoN mistAKEs BY PRActitioNERs iNVoLViNg iP LAW
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