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Pro Bono Spotlight: Tom Fell, Esq.

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the State bar of Nevada board of Governors and the Access to Justice commission extend a special thanks to the following attorneys who generously accepted cases in october 2011 through the Legal Aid center of Southern Nevada, Washoe Legal Services, Nevada Legal Services and Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans.
Adam Graff Aileen Schlissel Akke Levin Amanda Roberts Anne Padgett Arun Gupta Audrey Levinson Benjamin Childs Brian Ramsey Cindie Hernandez Danny Lovell Doreen Spears Hartwell Edward Kainen Edward Vargas Ellen Stoebling Emelia Allen Ernest Buche Jr., Georlen Spangler Gerald Welt Gillian Satterfield Barjon Holly Roys Iris Fieldman James Davis James Silvestri Jamie Thalgott Janet Kelleran Jason Naimi Jay Shafer Jennifer Hostetler Jerome Blut Joseph Riccio Joshua Sliker Joslyn Shapiro Justin Jones Karen Hanks Lance Hendron Larissa Drohobyczer Lawrence Rouse Malik Ahmad Marjorie Guymon Michael Marr Nancy Wong Patricia Trent Paul Terry Peter Bellon R. Christopher Reade Rebekah Baumgardner Rena McDonald Richard McKnight Rob Chung Robert Dickerson Robert Kirkman Rut Laureano Sarah Bradley Shannon Wittenberger Shiv Kapoor Stacy Howlett Tara Young Thomas Burns Thomas Humphrey Timothy Thomas Tracy DiFillippo Whitney Warnick William Kapalka
tom fELL
For many years most of the need for pro bono work centered around family law issues such as divorce and child custody; then the Great Recession hit. As the economy began to falter, more and more people began filing for bankruptcy and representing themselves in bankruptcy proceedings. Nevada judges began to take notice of the uptick in pro se representation and asked the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada to form a sub-committee of bankruptcy attorneys to assist those in need. Tom Fell was one of the attorneys who stepped up and took on those pro bono cases. “I really enjoy it,” Fell says of pro bono work. “It is one of the few ways I can use my skill set to give back.” Of the cases he’s taken on, Fell says no one case in particular stands out because they have all been special. “There are so many instances where individuals you help are so gratified,” he explains. “The appreciation expressed by clients is so tremendous.” Assisting with bankruptcy cases has also given Fell a different perspective on the economic crisis; he says he now realizes that even the most sincere, honest individuals can run into hard times and need to ask for help. Fell is a shareholder in the business restructuring and bankruptcy division of Gordon Silver, where he has been practicing for more than 30 years. Fell was named the Clark County Pro Bono attorney of the year in 2006.
Airene Haze Alexander Drew Alice Coulson Alison Colvin Amanda Cowley Amanda Roberts Amber Robinson Angela Lightner Anna Zarndt April Green Augusta Massey Aviva Gordon Benjamin Albers Beth Luna Beverly Salhanick Brenoch Wirtlin Brett Kandt Brian Blackham Brian Gonsalves Brian Pick Brian Reeve Carrie Henrichsen Celeste Luce Cindy Armentrout Connor Flynn David O’Mara Dawn Miller Derek Jamison Dick Edwards Dixie Grossman Donald Pope Elliott Yug Ernie Neilson Francis Flaherty Gabrielle Jones Gary Pakele Graeme Reid Greg Jensen Heather Robertson Heather Schaeffer James Vitale Jennifer Jeans Jeremy Reichenberg Jerome Blut Joe Gormen Jon Sasser Karen Dickerson Katherine Belzowski Kathleen Kelly Keith Tierney Linda Bowman Lindsay Stadtlander Lisa Chamlee Mark Mausert Marta Adams Marta Presti McClure Wallace Meredith Barnett Michael Joe Michael Marr Michelle Briggs Michelle Kazmar Muriel Skelly Nathaniel Reed Nicole Harvey Nishat Baig Patricia Phair Ray Jones Richard Cornell Robert Blau Robert Fleming Rod Sumpter Roger Doyle Roger Harada Ryan Earl Ryan McElhinney Sam Kern Sandra-Mae Pickens Sarah Carrasco Shannon Wittenberger Shiv Kapoor Soraya Veiga Stefana Laurentia Ghita Susan G. Trautmann Susan Myers Susan Noyce Tera Hodge Tom Collins Trevor Gross Trina Dahlin Valerie Cooney Var Lordahl Venicia Considine William Kapalka
Bold honors multiple cases accepted and/or sessions conducted within the month.
January 2012
Nevada Lawyer
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