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Pro Bono Spotlight: Todd Reese

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The State Bar of Nevada Board of Governors and the Access to Justice Commission extend a special thanks to the following attorneys who generously accepted cases in September 2012, through the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, Washoe Legal Services, Nevada Legal Services and Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans.
Amanda Cowley Amber Adams Boris Avramski Bracken Longhurst Brandon Johansson Bryce Finley Dana Grigg Daniel Cereghino Daniel Kiefer Danny Lovell Doreen Spears Hartwell Edward Kainen Edward Vargas Erik Severino Erika Pike Turner Erin Houston Ernest Buche Jr. Frances-Ann Fine Howard Kim Israel “Ishi” Kunin James Murphy Jamie Hendrickson Jason Bacigalupi Jason Peck John Bragonje John J. Jr, Graves Jon Eric Garde Julie Kruze Karl Riley Kelly Swanson Kenneth Jordan Linda Norvell Marquis Marshal Willick Michancy Cramer Miguel Lopez Muriel Skelly Nelson M. Segel Patricia Lee Philip Van Alstyne Riana Durrett Richard Chatwin Robert Caldwell Robert Morris Rosa Solis-Rainey Sandra Mae Pickens Scott Fleming Sean Claggett Shay Wells Shea Ann Backus Thomas Fell Tracy O’Steen William Schulle
Amber Adams Angela Dows Arun Gupta Beverly Salhanick Carol Kingman Damon Dias Darlene Arnd Dawn Miller Doreen Spears Hartwell Edward Ewert Erik Severino Erin Houston Gerad Constantian Hardeep Sull James Claflin Jeanne Lambertsen Jennafer Wagner Jon Erick Garde Julie Arnold Kari Molnar Krissta Kirschenheiter Kristine Bergstrom Mario Fenu Michael McKelleb Michele Roberts Naomi Arin Nedda Ghandi Nelson Segel Patricia Lee Ray Chau Rebecca Bruch Robert Blau Ryan Andersen Ryan Burris Sarah Bradley Sugar Vogel Trina Dahlin
BoLD honors multiple cases accepted and/or sessions conducted within the month.
Todd Reese’s venture into pro bono work began while working for the law firm of Dyer, Lawrence, Penrose, Flaherty, Donalson & Prunty, which required attorneys to be active in pro bono work. Reese started accepting cases from Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans (VARN) and Nevada Legal Services (NLS) in 2009. Reese said the most common need for legal help was in the area of family law: divorce cases, guardianship, custody, wills and estates. Reese said as he watched the economy deteriorate, he noticed a sad catch-22: During the boom, law firms had so much work they allowed their attorneys more freedom to take pro bono cases; however, when the economy started turning and the need for pro bono attorneys dramatically increased, many attorneys had to concentrate all their efforts on working with existing clients or finding more paid cases, resulting in significantly less time for pro bono work. To attorneys who may have some apprehension regarding working on a pro bono case, Reese shared these words of wisdom: “I would tell them, especially if they are anxious, just go and do it! There are a lot of people who need attorneys. [If you are nervous,] take a smaller case.” Reese said one of the ways in which working pro bono cases helped him was by preparing him for court. He said this aspect of helping those in need can be an invaluable and beneficial use of time for any attorney, especially for newer, less-experienced attorneys. Another way in which attorneys can contribute to pro bono efforts without having to take a case, is by working with one of the many ask-a-lawyer clinics, such as Lawyers in the Library. According to Reese, these clinics are a great help to those with simpler legal questions and are a great way to help the community. A graduate of University of California Davis and Southwestern University Law School, Reese clerked for former Nevada Supreme Court Justice Robert Rose after graduating from law school. In October of 2012 he took a position as a staff attorney with the Nevada Supreme Court.
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