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Pro Bono Spotlight: Stephen F. Smith, Esq.

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A Note From the Issue Editor
Welcome to the March issue of Nevada Lawyer, which is dedicated to real estate law. Because Nevada is number one in the nation and has been called “ground zero” for the foreclosure crisis, no issue would be complete without a discussion of the foreclosure process. To that end, this issue features two excellent articles examining Nevada’s Foreclosure Mediation Program: Barbara Buckley’s “Measuring the Success of Nevada’s Mediation Program” and “Foreclosure Mediation: Why Hasn’t It Worked?,” by Attorneys Philip Olsen and Keith Tierney. The issue also includes a thoughtful article on “Eminent Domain in a Down Economy,” by Attorneys Erich Storm and Agnes Hanley. This month’s Back Story is, as always, worth a look; in it, attorney Michael Buckley, the chair of the Real Estate Section, shares his thoughts on the “Consequences and Necessity of Participation.” The Young Lawyers Column covers deficiency judgements in Nevada. As issue editor, I would like to thank the March issue team members – especially John Zimmerman – for their help in getting this issue ready for publication. As always State Bar of Nevada staff Jennifer Smith, Publications Manager, and Melinda Catren, Nevada Lawyer Coordinator, are the ones who really make the Nevada Lawyer happen month-in and month-out.
STEPHEN F. SMITH has been a member of the Nevada bar since 1991 and serves on the Nevada Lawyer Editorial Board.
March 2012
Nevada Lawyer

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