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Pro Bono Spotlight: Sarah Bradley, Esq.

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the state bar of Nevada board of governors and the Access to Justice commission extend a special thanks to the following attorneys who generously accepted cases in November 2011 through the Legal Aid center of southern Nevada, Washoe Legal services, Nevada Legal services and Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans.
Adam Graff Adriana Rincon White Alejandro Arroyo Alisa Nave-Worth Amy Friedlander Ariel Stern Audrey Levinson Aurora Maskall Brenoch Wirthlin Charles Zumpft Chata Holt Christopher Tilman Cliff Marcek Dan Bonneville Dan Wong David Mincin Donal Hummer Ellen Stoebling Emelia Allen Emily Gluber Clark Guinness Ohazuruike James Claflin James O’Reilly Jeffery Hulet Jennifer McDonald Joanna Myers Joseph Ganley Ka Leung Karlon Kidder Kathleen Bergquist Katie Woods Keith Tierney Kevin Diamond Koren Boyd Kriston Whiteside Krystal Gallagher Lawrence Hill Leah Martin Leland Faux Leslie Nino Linda Linton Margo Chernysheva Marilyn McKinney Marjorie Guymon Marshal Willick Mary Kinas Michelle Tobler Nathan Zeltzer Nikkya Williams Puneet Garg Randa Shea Raymond Chau Rena Hughes Robert Broili Robert Hernquist Roberta Ohlinger Roger Harada Rory Vohwinkel Shay Wells Shelley Krohn Singleton Conyers Stephen Mayfield Tara-Lynn Adams Telia Williams Timothy Mulliner Wade Redmon Westley Villanueva
From the very start of her legal career, Sarah Bradley knew she wanted to use her law degree to help people. True to that ambition, Bradley frequently works with Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans (VARN) in Carson City. “I work for the state,” Bradley says. “I help in the general sense, but I don’t get to see the people I help.” Bradley took her first pro bono case two years ago and remembers the case well. While she quickly caught on to the legal aspects of her cases, she learned this was the easy part, and learning how to best handle clients would be the more challenging aspect of pro bono work. Bradley said her first client had many many problems, of both a legal and emotional nature, and after spending a great amount of time trying to solve all their issues she came to a difficult conclusion: “I learned I can’t fix everything; I can narrow it down to one problem I can fix,” she says. “I can’t be a therapist, as much as I want to be.” Another positive lesson Bradley drew from her first case was that it only took a small amount of effort to make her client happy and change that client’s life for the better. Although Bradley found the first case she took on a bit intimidating, she says others need not be afraid. “It’s not as hard as you think it is. If you have the desire to do it, step in and do it!” She says entities such as VARN and Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada help attorneys who accept pro bono cases and offer forms, training and other educational tools. Bradley also offers to answer questions and talk with other public lawyers who are willing to accept pro bono cases. Bradley is employed with the Nevada Attorney General’s Office and works in their Boards and Licensing division. Bradley earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and her J.D. from the University of Idaho College of Law. She has been practicing in Nevada for more than four years.
Airene Haze Amber Robinson April Green Benjamin Albers Bill Kapalka Brenoch Writhlin Charles Zumpft Christopher Carr Corinne Price Dan Bonneville Dan Wong Donal Hummer Evie Frye Fred Kennedy Gabrielle Jones James Vitale Jenica Yurcic Jeremy McKissack Jim Bertchold Kriston Whiteside Leah Wigren Linda Linton Lisa Chamlee Lois DiVietro Mark Liapis Marla DaVee Michael Lin Michael Marr Michancy Cramer Muriel Skelly Nathan Zeltzer Phil Su Richard Williamson Robert Blau Robert Kern Roger Harada Saraliene Durrett Shay Wells Stefana Laurentia Ghita Stephen Scheerer Tera Hodge Victoria Mendoza
BOld honors multiple cases accepted and/or sessions conducted within the month.
February 2012
Nevada Lawyer

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