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Pro Bono Spotlight: Sara Wright

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The State Bar of Nevada Board of Governors and the Access to Justice Commission extend a special thanks to the following attorneys who generously accepted cases in April 2012 through the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, Washoe Legal Services, Nevada Legal Services and Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans.
Alexander Fugazzi Allison Joffee Andrew Moore Barbara DiFranza Benjamin Childs Blake Doerr Boris Avramski Brenoch Writhlin Brian Steadman Caren Jenkins Cary Colt Payne Caryn Tijissling Cecilia Lee Chantel Walker Charles Zumpft Christine Miller Cindie Hernandez Courtney Dolan Damon Dias Dan Bonneville Dan Waite Dan Wong Dana Grigg Dave Colvin David Ortiz David Stephens Day Williams Donal Hummer Emelia Allen Ernest Buche Jr. Gemma Waldron-Green Geoff Roullard Georlen Spangler Gordon Goolsby Greg Jensen Henry Sotelo Holly Cheong Howard Kim Jacqueline Miller Stoops James Beasley James Greene James Griffin Jason Stoffel Jason Woodbury Jennifer Anderson Jeremy Reichenburg Jill Whitbeck Joe Gorman John Bartlett Jon Carlston Jon Pearson Jude Nazareth Justin Cochran Kari Hanratty Kari Molnar Karl Riley Keith Tierney Kerry Kolvet Kerstan Hubbs Kimberly Surratt Kirk Montez Koren Boyd Krissta Kirschenheiter Kristin Tyler Kriston Whiteside Laura Deeter Leland Faux Leon Greenberg Linda Bowman Linda Linton Lisa Zastrow Margaret Lambrose Mark Mills Mary Marsh Linde Matthew Schneider Melissa Exline Meng Zhong Michael Clasen Michelle Tobler Mikyla Miller Muriel Skelly Nancy Heimerle Nathan Tod Young Nicholas Vaskov Oliver Pancheri Patricia Hadfield R. Christopher Reade Raymond Chau Rena McDonald Rendall Miller Richard Scotti Richard Sears Robert Caldwell Robert Fry Robert Grayson Rodney Sumpter Ross Smillie Sara Wright Scott Lichtig Sean Patterson Shay Wells Shea Ann Backus Shelly O’Neill Susan Hallahan Talitha Gray Kozlowski Timothy Koval Todd Moody Vivienne Rakowsky
Amber Robinson Amie Fender April Green Bill Curran Christopher Carr Corrine Murphy Courtney Dolan Craig Bourke Gabrielle Jones James Vitale Jie Amy Sun Joseph Went Kimberly McGhee Lesley Cohen Lisa Chumlee Lora Picini Mandy McKellar Mario Fenu Marla DaVee Michael Joe Paul Georgeson Paul Ray Rebekah Baumgardner Robert Blau Steven Anderson Susan Noyce Tera Hodge William Kapalka
BOLd honors multiple cases accepted and/or sessions conducted within the month.
Licensed in California, but not Nevada (she will be taking this month’s Nevada bar exam), Sara Wright thought she would not be allowed to do pro bono work in this state. Thankfully, a coworker, who had formerly worked for LACSN, encouraged Wright to research a Nevada Supreme Court rule that allows non-Nevada-licensed attorneys to participate in limited practice for pro bono purposes. Wright jumped at the chance and, since receiving her emeritus certification earlier this year, she’s been taking on family law cases, including those centered on divorce and children’s law. These assignments are completely different from her day-to-day occupation at Lawyer’s Title of Nevada where she works on titles and getting approval for short sales. In spite of this, she doesn’t find it to be a dramatic shift in focus. “To me they [cases] are all very simple. To me there’s no difference, other than having to go to court for different things,” Wright said. Wright said, with her pro bono cases and in general, she’s discovered that many people who need legal help are intimidated by the legal process. “There are a lot of people out there that need help, that can’t afford an attorney because of the economy … they need someone to help advocate for the people who don’t have the education and can’t articulate for themselves,” Wright said. Often she found that simply having someone as a support base makes clients feel a bit more hopeful. “Just having someone there brings out their confidence,” she said. Wright encourages attorneys who may be apprehensive about pro bono work to branch out and explore different areas of the law and to be brave. “You won’t know how to do it until you try it,” she said.
Nevada Lawyer July 2012

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