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Pro Bono Spotlight: Robert Blau

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The State Bar of Nevada Board of Governors and the Access to Justice Commission extend a special thanks to the following attorneys who generously accepted cases in February 2012 through the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, Washoe Legal Services, Nevada Legal Services and Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans.
Adam Laxalt Aileen Schlissel-Lanch Alicia Johnson Amanda Roberts Boris Avranski Brian Blackham Brian Shapiro Candace Clark Charles Kilpatrick Cynthia Alexander David Krieger Dawn Miller Dylan Ciciliano Edward Vargas Elizabeth Brickfield Erick Gjerdingen Erika Pike Turner Eunice Morgan Gabe Blumberg Giovanni Andrade Howard Kim Israel Kunin Jason Peck Jeanne Lambertsen Jerome Blut John Graves John Howard Jon Carlston Jonathan Goldsmith Kelly Swanson Lawrence Winking Lynn Conant Mandy McKellar Margaret Lambrose Maria Nutile Mario Fenu Marjorie Guymon Mark Anderson Mark Smith Marshal Willick Mary Frances McCarthy Micheal McKelleb Neal Gidvani Nicole Lovelock Ogonna Atamoh Paul Schofield Raymond Chau Rena Hughes Sarah Bradley Sarah Chavez Shell Mercer Talitha Gray Kozlowski Tanika Capers Tara Newberry Thomas Fell Timothy Thomas Trina Dahlin William Croft
Amber Robinson Amie Fender Anthony Wright Beverly Salhanick Brian Blackham Christopher Carr Corrine Murphy Derek Jamison Fred Kennedy Gabrielle Jones Hon. James Bixler James Griffin James Vitale Jenica Yurcic Joe Riccio Kevin Sutehall Kim Cooper Lisa Chamlee Lois DiVietro Michael Lin Rene Valladares Robert Blau Robert Reid Ryan Anderson Shannon Wilson Stefana Lauranita Ghita Susan Noyce
BolD honors multiple cases accepted and/or sessions conducted within the month.
When attorney Robert Blau decided to move to Las Vegas and restart his legal career, his wife (who was his girlfriend at the time) suggested he volunteer with the Ask-a-Lawyer program. Blau thought this was a great idea; volunteering with Ask-a-Lawyer would help him retrain himself to listen, quickly assess a situation and come up with a viable solution. Now, several years later, Blau has become a wellestablished local attorney with a strong devotion to the Ask-a-Lawyer program. Blau says he began volunteering to brush up on his skills, but realizes the program helped him establish a good reputation within the community and to build his client base. Blau says there are many rewards in doing pro bono work, but patience and understanding are required. “As far as pro bono is concerned, most of the time people come to pro bono with questions on guardianship, adoption,” Blau explains. “They expect black and white answers, but very rarely are there black and white answers.” Learning to firmly and confidently explain a complicated situation to a client and help him or her understand what may be a lengthy process required to complete a custody agreement, adoption or some other legal action to make their lives whole, has become a strength of Blau’s. “I think the reason they like me is I am no-nonsense,” Blau says. Blau began practicing in Nevada in 2008. He had been a practicing attorney in New York for several years, but hung up his legal cap to take a job on Wall Street. Blau worked for both Wachovia and USB banks in New York before moving to Nevada in 2005 to work for the Las Vegas UBS branch. When UBS began to suffer financially, Blau decided to return to the law. He passed the Nevada bar exam and then assumed the practice that once belonged to Judge Bill Henderson, turning it into his own firm: Brewer Blau Law Group.
Nevada Lawyer May 2012

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