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Pro Bono Spotlight: Marjorie Guymon and Dara Goldsmith

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The State Bar of Nevada Board of Governors and the Access to Justice Commission extend a special thanks to the following attorneys who generously accepted cases in June 2012, through the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, Washoe Legal Services, Nevada Legal Services and Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans.
Amanda Roberts Amie Sabo Andrew Kynaston Andrew List Anthony Brooks Bill Hammer Brenoch Wirthlin Brian Blackham Carli Kinne Casey Perkins Catherine O’Mara Chad Fears Chantel Walker Christopher Mathews Damon Dias Dan Bonneville David Loreman David Ortiz Denise Bradshaw Doug Nutton Erin Houston Erin McMullen Ethan Featherstone Gehovany Alonso Heather Robertson Henry Sotelo Homa Woodrum James Claflin Jeff Hartman Justin Hepworth Katherine Provost Kirk Kaplan Kirsten Griswold Koren Boyd Kristin Tyler Leland Faux Leon Mead Maren Parry Margo Chernysheva Marilyn Caston Marjorie Guymon Matthew Park Meng Zhong Michael McKelleb Michael Terry Michancy Cramer Miguel Lopez Millie Barfield Muriel Skelly Patricia Trent Philip Goldstein Rebecca Miller Rena McDonald Richard Barrows Richard Scotti Robert Wines Roberta Ohlinger Robin Perkins Rodney Jean Ryan Campbell Sarah Carrasco Scott Smith Shawn Jones Shay Wells Stephanie Buntin
Dara Goldsmith and Marjorie Guymon
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BOLD honors multiple cases accepted and/or sessions conducted within the month.
Their firm may be on the smaller side, but anyone who has had the privilege of working with Dara Goldsmith and Marjorie Guymon knows pro bono is an important, unmovable part of their firm: Goldsmith and Guymon. Aside from attracting potential employees who are as enthusiastic about helping those in need as they are, the pair’s love of pro bono has won them the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada’s distinguished Pro Bono Attorney of the Year Award for 2011. Guymon said the pro bono cases they assist with are so interwoven into their regular case load what might be perceived as extra work has become part of the firm’s daily existence. “It’s become kind of a mantra for our firm,” Goldsmith said. Many of the cases Goldsmith and Guymon help with coincide with the firm’s areas of expertise, which include bankruptcy and guardianship. Despite the emotional nature of guardianship cases, both said such cases are more rewarding than they are emotionally difficult. “You are a positive in their life … focus only on getting the child under guardianship.” Guymon said. Goldsmith added: “You can’t get personally involved [if you do] you’ll want to take them home.” They pointed to a case where grandparents were given custody of a grandchild they barely knew (who was between eight and nine at the time) who had a difficult upbringing punctuated by the death of her mother. The grateful grandparents have kept Guymon and Goldsmith apprised of the child’s progress and reported she is a 4.0 student who continues to get excellent grades. Guymon and Goldsmith encourage all attorneys to partake in pro bono efforts, “Sometimes these different pro bono cases make you a better lawyer,” Goldsmith said.
Nevada Lawyer September 2012

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