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Pro Bono Spotlight

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The State Bar of Nevada Board of Governors and the Access to Justice Commission extend a special thanks to the following attorneys who generously accepted cases in January 2014, through the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, Washoe Legal Services, Nevada Legal Services and Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans. Michael Alonso Debra Amens Michelle Anderton Tyler Andrews Paola Armeni Eunice Beattie Stan Brown Robert Caldwell Jon Carlston Michael Carman Sarah Chavez David Colvin Trevor Creel Laura Deeter William Devine Barbara DiFranza Nikki Dupree-O’Brien Riana Durrett Melissa Exline Frances-Ann Fine Laura Fritz Russel Geist Nedda Ghandi Robert Graham Marjorie Guymon Kari Hanratty Danny Horen Erin Houston Kerstan Hubbs Christopher Humes Laurence Irwin Greg Jensen Christine Kelleher Daniel Kidd Shelley Krohn Israel “Ishi” Kunin James Leavitt Jimmy Lee Joel Locke Miguel Lopez Laury Macauley Aurora Maskall Jennifer Mayhew Jeanette McPherson Rendel Miller Ann Morgan Jason Morris John Mulligan Tara Newberry Matthew Park Maren Parry Ryan Petersen Todd Plimpton Corinne Price Katherine Provost Jessica Prunty Eric Pulver Molly Rosenblum John Schlegelmilch Ian Silverberg Muriel Skelly Nikola Skrinjaric Jefferey Sloane Brianna Smith Brian Steinberg David Stoft Kim Surratt Eric Swanis Richard Tanasi Patricia Trent Kristin Tyler Dan Waite Delwyn Webber Marshal Willick
Carrie* is a senior, living on social security. Carrie, who relies on Section 8 subsidies for affordable housing, was relocating to Las Vegas to live closer to family. She responded to an ad for a modest rental unit and decided she liked the unit. The landlord demanded that she pay a deposit to hold the unit until she could sign a lease. Carrie was to move into the unit at the end of February. Shortly before signing her lease, the landlord called Carrie and asked her to tell the Housing Authority that she had moved into the unit in early February so the landlord could receive payment. Unwilling to participate in fraud and jeopardize her housing, Carrie refused the landlord’s demand and requested that he return her deposit so she could find another rental unit. The landlord refused to return Carrie’s deposit and stopped answering her phone calls. Carrie came to Nevada Legal Services for assistance. Nevada Legal Services placed Carrie’s case with pro bono attorney Barbara Tyler, who had previously worked for about six years in city attorney positions and in education.  Upon taking the case, Barbara quickly drafted a demand letter to the landlord. One week after Barbara sent the letter, Carrie received her deposit back. With a simple letter, Barbara was able to get Carrie’s deposit back so Carrie could find a new rental. *The client’s name has been changed to protect her identity. The Attorney’s Angle: Nevada Lawyer: What, if anything, about that case stayed with you? Barbara Tyler: I think that what makes the most impression on me is that Carrie should not have needed an attorney to intervene, but many people will take the low road on these sorts of issues because they believe they can take advantage of people like Carrie, elderly and on restricted income – the type who generally could not afford an attorney. NVL: What tip(s) can you offer attorneys interested in or considering taking a pro bono case? BT: This case illustrates the fact that taking some pro bono work does not necessarily have to be a burden or time consuming, so more attorneys should make themselves available for these sorts of problems.
Attorneys who participated in clinics, Ask-A-Lawyer, Small Business Project:
Eunice Beattie Robert Blau Gina Bongiovi Debra Bookout Ebru Cetin Hai Ling Chu Lynn Conant Courtney Dolan Mario Fenu Sean Forbush Stefana Ghita James Hales Suzanne Hyte Greg Jensen Terry Johnson Gabrielle Jones Benjamin La Luzerne Michael Marr Christine Miller Rebecca Hopkins Miller Susan Noyce Maren Parry Bhavishi Patel Matthew Pruitt Michele Roberts Beverly Salhanick Peter Smith Marybeth Sundstrom Kevin Van Ry Soraya Veiga Brenda Weksler Shay Wells Day Williams Marshal Willick Tara Young Charles Zumpft
BOLD honors multiple cases accepted and/or sessions conducted within the month.
Nevada Lawyer
April 2014

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