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Pro Bono Donations with Bar Dues Make a Big Impact

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One kind word or act at a critical moment can change a life. It may even have happened to you in your darkest or brightest hour. Dues check-off is the opportunity to make one donation that will have that caliber of impact, because 100 percent of the dollars donated by lawyers is pooled and distributed to the civil legal aid providers who bring boots-on-theground services throughout the year to people who need it most (and this year for many, for the first time in their lives). Many Nevada attorneys and legal professionals donated time and money towards civil pro bono legal services in 2009 and you are deeply thanked. Charitable giving is an intensely personal choice. It is worth noting that if every active lawyer who checked “no” on their mandatory reporting form reporting pro bono service or donations last year gave the average billable hour in
BY KRISTINA MARZEC, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, ACCESS TO JUSTICE COMMISSION Nevada this year along with dues check-off, together you could raise over $1 million for legal aid in 2010. That would bring services to literally thousands of people in the coming year who otherwise will receive none. If you haven’t had a chance to check out what services the legal aid providers in your area provide, I invite you to call me or, better yet, contact them directly. It is astounding: the caseloads and breadth of services they handle, the heartbreaking choices between which people to help and which to turn away because there just is not enough money to help, the sadness that only half of the children in the justice system have a lawyer to protect their interests, and that justice comes to those with a lawyer and the justice that often does not come to those without. I know it’s been an extraordinarily challenging few years for all Nevadans, including lawyers. If you are in a position to help, please consider sending a donation along with your dues payments this year. No amount is too small.
Charitable giving is an intensely personal choice.
KRIstInA mARzeC is the executive director of the Access to Justice Commission. She can be reached at (702) 317-1404 or
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