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President's Message: Strategic Planning

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On August 18 and 19, 2009, your Board of Governors, joined by the five new governors, Young Lawyers leaders and key bar staff, met in Fallon, Nevada, for strategic planning. From the vibrant, soul-searching, reality-checking discussion, the following goals emerged as ones deserving of our attention in the short term (this year) and the long term (where do we want our bar association to be three years from now, five years from now, 10 years from now?). Goal 1: Be attuned to and responsive the needs of the members. Action steps: • Identify and respond quickly to members’ needs in relation to economic forces and pressures in the practice of law. • Identify CLE needs, including office management and technology issues. • Identify networking needs. • Increase section and committee participation. Goal 2: Increase enforcement of discipline and public awareness of existence of discipline process. Action steps: • Explain and make discipline process easily accessible on website. • Increase public communications (PSAs, forms, public info) in a number of languages. • Identify commonality of attorney infractions and develop programming to address recurring issues. Goal 3: Communicate in an impactful and meaningful way by customizing communications to reach a wider variety of audiences within the bar. Action steps: • Create lines of communication for members to comment on and participate in bar activities. • Increase Internet communications to, from and among members. • Collect demographic info about our members
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such as age, years in practice, practice setting, type of practice, and income. Goal #5: Operate the bar association in a fiscally responsible way. Action steps: • Continue to have open and accurate financial accounting. • Continue compliance with regulatory entities. • Continue and improve internal controls to protect assets. • Develop and implement cost-savings procedures. • Ensure future viability of association. Goal #6: Remove economic barriers to public access to legal system and to representation. Action steps: • Increase pro bono opportunities for members. • Increase member awareness of needs of the unrepresented. Goal #7: Create and maintain necessary infrastructure and technology to effectively serve members. Action steps: • Continue ongoing evaluation of bar building and future space needs. • Continue to develop responsive and knowledgeable staff. • Develop even more innovative technology usage. • Develop leadership through committees and sections. One very clear action step transcended these goals and emerged: finding out who our members are and discovering what they want. What better way to answer those questions is there but to ask you? We are in the process of developing a census/comment survey, and we will be asking (actually pleading) you to complete it. We want your input, your ideas and your help in making this a better profession for all of us!
Our mission is to govern the legal profession, to serve our members, and to protect the public interest.

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