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President's Message: The State Bar of Nevada Annual Meeting: Why You Should Attend

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MARCH 2009
“This will be a great annual meeting: convenient, affordable and lots of fun for members and their families.”
The 2009 State Bar of Nevada annual meeting will be held June 10-13 at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe in Incline Village, Nevada; not Kauai, Hawaii. I offer the following reasons why you and your family should attend: 1. It is less expensive to travel to Incline Village than Hawaii. 2. Because of number 1, many judges will be able to attend the annual meeting without making the state budget crisis worse. 3. Everybody likes to attend meetings attended by judges. 4. Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The hotel is right on the beach at Lake Tahoe. 5. The hotel has a sailboat. 6. The continuing education will be good... If it is not, you can sneak away to the beach, provided you don’t claim CLE time you did not attend. 7. There is cocktail service on the beach. 8. We will have a poker tournament (but not on the beach). 9. Incline Village is 100 minutes travel time from Las Vegas by air and automobile and is only 45 minutes from Reno and Carson City by automobile. (Time for parking, car rental, security screening, and baggage checking and collecting is not included.) 10. Incline Village is six hours from Elko, seven hours from Ely and five hours from Tonopah by automobile. (Not as good, but no security screening.) 11. The Tahoe Rim Trail has been completed. (Another opportunity to be abandoned by a hiking guide if you recall the last meeting at Squaw Creek.) 12. There is river rafting on the Truckee (if we have any snow in the Sierras this winter). 13. You can see where the Donner Party camped, cooked and shared their meals. 14. The Hyatt really wants us. 15. It will help the Nevada economy. I realize that this change of venue and date interferes with the vacation plans of some of our Type-A members who booked very early. I also apologize to my son, Robert, who had high hopes for Hawaii this year. All this said, this will be a great annual meeting: convenient, affordable and lots of fun for members and their families. Please join us.
2009 State Bar of Nevada Annual Meeting
• • • • • Date: June 10-13, 2009 Location: Incline Village, Nevada hotel: Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Amenities: boating, hiking, spa and more planned activities: golf tournament, charity poker tournament
To register, visit the annual meeting page on the State Bar of Nevada’s website at
State Bar of Nevada
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