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President's Message: Innovations Move the State Bar of Nevada Into a Brighter Future

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EDiTORiAL BOARD Lisa Wong Lackland, Chair Michael t. saunders Mark A. Hinueber, Chair-elect Gregory R. shannon Patricia D. Cafferata, Vice Chair stephen F. smith scott G. Wasserman, Beau sterling immediate Past Chair Heidi Parry stern erin Barnett Kristen simmons Hon. Robert J. Johnston Richard D. Williamson scott McKenna John Zimmerman BOARD OF GOVERNORS President: Cam Ferenbach, Las Vegas President-Elect: Constance Akridge, Las Vegas Vice President: Frank Flaherty, Carson City immediate Past President: Kathleen england, Las Vegas James Bradshaw, Reno elizabeth Brickfield, Las Vegas Amber L. Candelaria, Las Vegas Laurence Digesti, Reno elana turner Graham, Las Vegas Bruce Hahn, Reno Jenny Hubach, Reno Alan Lefebvre, Las Vegas Vincent ochoa, Las Vegas Richard scotti, Las Vegas Mason simons, elko ex-officio Dean John Valery White, UnLV Boyd school of Law
Message from the President
Cam Ferenbach, state Bar of nevada President
innoVAtions MoVe tHe stAte BAR oF neVADA into A BRiGHteR FUtURe
“Once a new and better solution is suggested, it often seems obvious. Please help us think of better solutions earlier.”
inoVAtiVe tHinKinG
Last June, it was announced that construction on the north side of the Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas was necessary in order to eliminate tripping hazards. Those who work in the courthouse and are responsible for its operation were not pleased that the project began without any warning from the county maintenance department. Apparently there were uneven spots in the concrete between the palm trees that tower over citizens as they approach the RJC from Lewis Avenue. The solution: jackhammer the plaza to smithereens, haul the debris off to the dump, and reinstall everything except the palm trees, which remain in place throughout the project. As you read these words in August, the project will certainly have been completed. Many walkways throughout the Las Vegas valley are uneven in spots. The threat of liability to the hapless pedestrian who falls victim to a crack or an uneven joint between two slabs justifies the expense of the repairs. Even if property owners did not face liability, no one would argue that the expense is foolish, given the potential for serious injury. For the past 15 years, this type of repair has been made annually in my neighborhood: Uneven slabs removed, new slabs poured. Soil expands and tree roots grow, causing sidewalk slabs to heave. The slabs are removed and new ones poured. This year, instead of the tattoo of jackhammers in the spring, the neighborhood was treated to the early morning whine of a machine grinding down the edges of heaved-up slabs. The next day, most of the formerly uneven slabs were smooth at the joints. A few sections were so bad that they had to be removed and replaced but, overall, the tripping hazards were removed at a fraction of the usual costs. After 15 years, someone responsible for repairs in my neighborhood looked at a recurring problem and came up with a better solution. All the members of our homeowners’ association benefit from this person’s thoughtful approach.
STATE BAR STAFF Executive Director: Kimberly K. Farmer Bar Counsel: Rob Bare Deputy Bar Counsel/ General Counsel: David Clark Director of Finance & information Systems: Marc Mersol Director of Continuing Legal Education: emily ihrke NEVADA LAWYER STAFF Publications Manager: Jennifer smith ( Nevada Lawyer Coordinator: Melinda Catren ( GRAPhiC DESiGN Georgina Corbalan
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Nevada Lawyer
August 2010
The cycle of leadership for the State Bar of Nevada begins and ends at our Annual Meeting. The first meeting of the new Board of Governors after the annual meeting is traditionally held in August, at a location other than Carson City, Reno or Las Vegas. This August we are meeting in Elko. It’s a two-day meeting because board members will take the time to discuss larger issues, get to know each other better and meet with local attorneys. The August meeting is the best time to critically examine policies and procedures of the bar and to explore ways to do things better. If any members have opinions on issues they think should be examined in this way, the Board of Governors would appreciate their input. To contact me, send e-mails to, or leave a voice mail message at (702) 317-1449. Once a new and better solution is suggested, it often seems obvious. Please help us think of better solutions earlier.
The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts recently announced a redesign of its website, intended to make it easier for users to access court information. The link to the new website is This new site offers e-mail delivery service and multimedia: video, podcasts, photos and a YouTube channel. Just go to the YouTube home page and search for U.S. Courts; there is also a link in the AoC’s press release: www. In a related development, Pacer has a new Case Locator. It replaces the old Party Index and allows searches using more parameters. According to the Case Locator’s Home Page: “The Case Locator replaces the U.S. Party/Case Index and provides enhanced search and display capabilities including the ability to: • Request lists of cases for a specified date range by court type; • Conduct searches based on chapter, discharge date and dismissal date for bankruptcy cases; • Access case information for the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation; • Choose result formats, including HTML, delimited text, and XML, which can be easily imported to other programs for analysis; • Change the sort order of the results displayed; and • Conduct refined searches within the results of a previous search.” I plan to include a technology update of interest in each President’s Message this year. If you come across something of general interest, please e-mail it to me.
The State Bar of Nevada is Hiring!
several positions are open for both attorneys and non-attorneys at the state Bar of nevada’s Las Vegas office, including: • Director of Admissions • Publications Specialist
For full job descriptions for these positions, as well as instructions on how to submit an application, visit our website at > Bar Employment or contact us at
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