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An Overview of Animal Law in Nevada - Quiz

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1. 2. 3. There is one entity tasked with enforcing all Nevada laws pertaining to animals. true or False All animals are protected by the same laws in Nevada. true or False It is possible to anonymously report incidents involving animals. true or False Cruelty to animals is a felony on the first offense in Nevada. true or False Spaying and neutering of pets is mandatory throughout the state of Nevada. true or False It is permissible to use a tethering system in conjunction with a choke collar to restrain a dog. true or False A dog must receive a break of at least two hours between periods of tethering. true or False NRS 116.310312 permits the executive board of a homeowners’ association to enter into an abandoned home and take custody of an abandoned animal. true or False
CeRtiFiCation: this self-study activity has been approved for one hour of continuing legal education credit by the nevada Board of Continuing Legal education.
A local animal control officer falls within the statutory definition of “peace officer.” true or False
10. According to the law, a retailer, dealer or operator can separate a dog or cat from his or her mother at four weeks of age. true or False 11. A fine can be assessed for failure to spay or neuter a companion animal. true or False 12. A dog cannot be tethered for more than 12 hours in a 24-hour period. true or False 13. It is against the law to abandon an animal in Nevada. true or False 14. Committing an act of cruelty to an animal to intimidate another person is a Category C felony. true or False 15. Human beings are covered under the definition of “animal” in NRS 574. true or False
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