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A Note from the Issue Editor: Stephen F. Smith, Esq.

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A Note From the Issue Editor
Welcome to the June Issue of the Nevada Lawyer! This month’s theme is “Municipal Law” (otherwise known as local government law). Local government touches the lives of every Nevadan. It is therefore fitting to have an issue dedicated to the subject. The articles within this issue cover a wide variety of topics. The first feature in the issue is “Dillon’s Rule” by Brian Chally. Dillon’s Rule is the hallmark of Nevada municipal law. As a bonus, on the same subject, the June issue also features a Back Story by Patricia Cafferata about John Forest Dillon, the man behind Dillon’s Rule, which has a Nevada connection. We also have a piece by Nicholas G. Vaskov, titled “Municipal Exaction and Development Conditions.” “The law of Municipal Obligations” is discussed by authors John Swendseid and Kendra Follett, followed by an item by Christine Guerci-Nyhus, entitled “Cashing in on Redevelopment.” Finally, Senior Deputy Attorney General George Taylor closes out our feature selection with an article on the role of the attorney when advising boards under the Open Meeting Law (or OML); it describes some of the quandaries public lawyers face. I hope you enjoy this issue of Nevada Lawyer and am sure you will find a wealth of useful knowledge within!
STEPHEN F. SMITH is a member of the Nevada Lawyer Editorial Board. He lives and practices in Las Vegas.
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June 2013
Nevada Lawyer

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