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A Note From the Issue Editor: Scott Wasserman, Esq.

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Nevada Lawyer’s mission is to publish items of interest and importance to the Nevada legal community and to provide a forum for thoughtful and respectful commentary on current issues affecting the legal community. The December issue is a year in review of legislative topics of interest to members of the bar. Every two years the Nevada Legislature meets in regular session. The 2013 Nevada Legislature considered over 1,000 bills. Of these 1,000 bills, 553 became law. Most of these bills became effective, in whole or in part, during 2013. This month’s issue contains a summary of selected 2013 legislation relating to courts and judicial procedure, crimes and criminal justice and new traffic laws. The other important focus of this issue is stress and addiction. Both topics are covered extensively in articles, including one on the impact of addiction on lawyers by Senior Deputy Attorney General Kristina Kuzemka (with a 1 hour CLE quiz that follows), and another on the impact of stress and addiction on the legal community by authors Michael Rosten, CPA, CFE and Jason Wiley, Esq. Young Lawyers guest writer Matthew Digesti recommends taking on one pro bono case to reduce stress. Finally, Albert Marquis continues his writing on the reduction of stress at work, in this issue’s Back Story. Also featured in this issue, President Lefebvre addresses the impact of the economic crisis on lawyers and the need for law schools to make adjustments and for the bar to add programs to help resolve the issue.
SCOTT WASSERMAN serves as Chief Executive Officer for the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education. Previously, Wasserman served as a deputy attorney general in the Civil Division of the Office of the Attorney General and served the Nevada State Legislature as Chief Deputy Legislative Counsel. Wasserman is a member of the Nevada Lawyer Editorial Board.
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