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A Note From the Issue Editor: Richard Williamson, Esq.

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As Dean Hamilton points out in his column this month, lawyers are writers. Indeed, legal research and writing are two of the most fundamental skills that good lawyers are expected to master. And yet, for some reason, those two areas are all too often not given the level of training and development as received by more substantive areas of the law. I hope that this issue of Nevada Lawyer provides every member with valuable resources for helping to hone these critical skills. In their article, “Writing to Judges… Persuasively,” Judge Lidia Stiglich and Zelalem Bogale explain why writing is so important and also impart practical advice as to how lawyers can improve the quality and persuasiveness of their work. Nicolas Anthony’s “Researching Legislative History” provides a fantastic primer on how to effectively research legislative history in Nevada. Kurt Mattson explores other sources of legal knowledge, both online and in print, available to today’s practitioners. Marc Randazza supplies helpful analysis and explanation of the legislative changes to Nevada’s anti-SLAPP laws. Professor Lori Johnson’s article presents a helpful framework for drafting effective contracts (and it has the added benefit of offering CLE credit). Finally, Edwin Keller reviews the Nevada Supreme Court’s decision in Finkel v. Cashman Professional, Inc., and considers the potential impact it may have on noncompetition covenants in employment and consulting contracts. Please enjoy these articles and all of the great content in this month’s issue.
RICHARD WILLIAMSON is a shareholder with Robertson, Johnson, Miller & Williamson in Reno, Nevada. His practice primarily focuses on real estate law and civil litigation.
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