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Note from the Issue Editor: Patty Cafferata, Esq.

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A Note From the issue Editor
By Patty Cafferata, Esq.
The August issue covers the busiest of the rural districts, the Fifth Judicial District Court, which includes Mineral, Nye and Esmeralda counties. This issue is the eighth in the series on the rural courts. Readers will gain insights to the judges’ backgrounds and views, as did I while putting together this issue. For example, during our interviews, I learned that Judge John Davis enjoys hiking so much he wrote a book on his hikes: Scrambles in the Great Basin. And, in preparation for our interview, Judge Robert Lane read all of the previous Nevada Lawyer articles published on the rural judges and wrote out answers to the questions he anticipated I would ask. Any attorney planning an appearance in the district should read the article on the courthouses and legal practices in the Fifth Judicial District Court and Beatty Justice of the Peace Gus Sullivan’s story about how he got his job. Lawyers interested in history will enjoy the story of the founding of the Nevada Supreme Court, described in minibiographies on the first high court justices. The Back Story describes my journey through the Fifth Judicial District Court. Thanks to Treat Cafferata for contributing the lovely photographs throughout this issue.
A member of the Nevada Lawyer editorial board, Patty Cafferata maintains a private practice in Reno. She served as the district attorney of Lincoln, Lander and Esmeralda counties.
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