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Note from the Issue Editor: Patty Cafferata, Esq.

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A Note From the Issue Editor
BY PATTY CAFFERATA, ESQ. This August’s issue is the ninth in a series on Nevada’s rural courts. This issue is jam-packed with information about the tribal court system in the Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada. (The Fort Mojave Tribe is in another system). There is much to say about the tribal court system in Nevada — too much to fit into one magazine. Nevada attorneys’ articles and columns about their own personal experiences appear in this issue, but you will also find my own articles on the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ role in these courts, along with several other extra features, on the state bar’s website at www. > Publications > Nevada Lawyer magazine. In preparing this issue, my husband Treat Cafferata and I spent 13 days and nine nights driving to and from the 16 tribal courts in Nevada. We wandered all over the state from Reno to the California, Oregon, Idaho and Utah borders traveling 3,365 total miles. To put that in perspective, later we flew to JFK airport in New York and covered only 2,394 miles. You can find a more detailed description of our travels among the special features on the state bar’s website.
Nevada Lawyer editorial board member, Patty Cafferata maintains a private law practice in Reno. She is a part-time hearing officer for Nevada Department of State Personnel and chair of the Nevada Equal Rights Commission.
Nevada Lawyer
August 2011
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