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Note from the Issue Editor: Michael Saunders, Esq.

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A Note From the Issue Editor
By Michael Saunders, Esq.
The December 2010 issue of Nevada Lawyer magazine features articles that center on the theme of maintaining work-life balance. The articles in this issue are sure to be of benefit to you, particularly during this busy holiday season. Here is just a glimpse of the great content in this issue: In the article “Life/Work Balance,” Nevada Lawyer magazine asked readers to weigh in on how they balance life with their careers in the law. Many state bar members responded with heartfelt, practical insights regarding how they deal with the balancing act between work and life. Be sure not to miss the stories of these members. Next, in the article “Lawyers are People Too,” Nevada Lawyer examines what state bar members are doing and accomplishing while not engaged in their legal careers. It should come as no surprise that many state bar members are not only accomplishing much in their careers, but are also accomplishing much in other aspects of their lives. This article reveals that the state bar consists of attorneys who are professional writers, musicians, athletes, history buffs, sports fans and true humanitarians. Finally, there is an article by Ryan Sullivan entitled “Want to Sharpen Your Mind? Cut Your Stress.” Sullivan offers a practical approach to managing stress, which is certain to be helpful. On behalf of Nevada Lawyer magazine, I wish you a happy holiday season and a wonderful and prosperous New Year.”
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December 2010
Nevada Lawyer
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