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Note from the Issue Editor: Mark A. Hinueber, Esq.

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A Note From the Issue Editor
by Mark A. Hinueber, Esq.
In putting together this issue, the editor was reminded of when he began legal practice in 1977. “State of the art” consisted of IBM Selectric™ typewriters with mag tapes or Wang™ “word processors” and Xerox™ photocopiers that required the services of a “key operator.” Carbon paper was still used in many law firms. Those once modern symbols have been replaced by the symbols above. Are these symbols from some ancient script or will they soon be part of the language of the modern lawyer? The symbols represent some of the more popular social media websites. Social media is a wide-ranging rubric, which describes a new form of communications on the Internet among communities of likeminded individuals or friends, consumers, businesses and even lawyers and their clients, as well as potential adversaries. Social media presents many challenges for the legal profession. Modern lawyers ignore social media at their peril and embrace it in their marketing efforts. The excellent article by Laura Thalacker and Kelly Kichline in this month’s issue is a broad-ranging overview of the topic and gives lawyers a broad primer on the emerging trend of social media. Additionally, this issue contains a great article by Ketan Bhirud and James “Brin” Gibson, which looks at law firm compensation models in the new Nevada legal economy. If you “liked” this issue, gives us the .
Mark Hinueber, esq., is Vice President/General Counsel of Stephens Media, LLC, which publishes the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
September 2010
Nevada Lawyer

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