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A Note from the Issue Editor: Mark A. Hinueber, Esq.

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database. In the past, different departments at the state bar had to maintain their own duplicate files on members within each department’s area of activity: Admissions, Discipline, Client Security Fund and Lawyer Referral, for example. Now, only one entry is required to update a member’s information and that update is automatically applied to all departments. We have expanded online and podcast CLE. Our own video-conferencing equipment and teleconferencing bridge saves time and travel costs. We are evolving toward paperless files, which save time and storage costs and create better-preserved records. Even the Board of Governors has done away with its board book, which used to contain hundreds of pages for each meeting. The book has been replaced by delivery of electronic files via the internet, which board members view on their laptops during our meetings. One major cost/benefit issue facing the bar involves our Las Vegas office. The state bar purchased our office building at 600 East Charleston in 1997. At that time, the bar had 5,886 members and 27 employees. Now it has 10,584 members and 44 employees statewide. We have been gradually increasing staffing in the Northern Nevada Bar Center (9456 Double R Blvd. in Reno) and now have five employees based there. This relieves some of the crowding in Las Vegas. However, we have run out of room in our 10,440 square foot office. To efficiently accommodate staffing, hearings, meetings and CLE programs, the state bar requires more configurable square footage for various purposes. With a larger facility we would realize significant reduction in fees and expenses incurred when we rent space off-site for CLEs and bar exams; we would also see more functional space for discipline hearings and committee meetings. Our facilities committee is exploring options for consideration by the Board of Governors. My sincere thanks go out to all of you who have worked so hard in furtherance of the important work of the State Bar of Nevada over the past 12 months. I also greatly appreciate the input I received from members throughout the year. Serving as your president has been truly an honor and a pleasure.
A Note From the Issue Editor
Whether as an employer, employee, partner or associate, every Nevada lawyer is touched in some way by the issue of health care. As the populations of the United States and Nevada age, and medical technology makes significant leaps forward, all lawyers face challenging health care questions, both personally and on behalf of their clients. Added to that is the ongoing debate at the national level over the new 2,400-page health care reform legislation known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The act, if upheld in the courts, will fundamentally affect nearly every health care issue in the United States. This issue was conceived with the idea of helping Nevada lawyers better understand some of the issues and rapidly approaching deadlines in PPACA. In Rick Roskelley and David Keene’s insightful article on PPACA, some of the key provisions in the new law and the timelines for implementation are laid out. In another article, Mark Hutchison gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges facing PPACA, including a lawsuit in which Hutchison is representing the State of Nevada as it challenges the individual mandate provisions of PPACA. Erin Flynn presents a detailed look at the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, also known as GINA. The new act, which protects against discrimination by insurers and employees based on an individual’s genetic information, is a direct response to medical advances. The law is designed to prevent genetic discrimination against potential employees as a result of new screening technologies. And, while he used more than 140 characters, John Zimmerman’s Back Story on Tweets is a must-read for lawyers who use social media or think they may do so in the future. Mark Hinueber is Vice President and General Counsel of Stephens Media, LLC, publisher of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and other Nevada newspapers.
June 2011
Nevada Lawyer
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