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A Note From the Issue Editor: Laury Macauley, Esq.

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In this issue, Nevada Lawyer focuses on bankruptcy law—an area of specialty that many attorneys either practice or find themselves addressing, because it is intertwined with so many other legal issues. Indeed, with the economic difficulties that have faced our nation and state over recent years, bankruptcies have been abundant. Between 20112013, approximately 54,000 bankruptcy petitions were filed in the District of Nevada. Whether big or small, these cases presented counsel and judges here with interesting and challenging questions. With this March issue, we have strived to present a series of articles aimed at the differing attorneys who encounter bankruptcy issues in their work. For the uninitiated, Candace C. Carlyon and Adam Bowler provide a detailed overview of the bankruptcy process and how to access necessary information. For those who regularly practice in bankruptcy court, Louis M. Bubala, III updates us on current rules regarding exemptions that can be claimed by debtors under Nevada law. And I discuss some unique difficulties facing individuals who have filed a petition under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. I am also very pleased that this issue’s Back Story, authored by Jennifer A. Smith, highlights the life and legacy of revered Nevada bankruptcy Judge Gregg W. Zive. With this range of articles, it is my hope that all Nevada lawyers will discover information about bankruptcy law and procedure that is helpful to their practice, no matter what their specialty.
LAURY MACAULEY is the owner of the Macauley Law Group, P.C., in Reno. She specializes in the practice of bankruptcy and commercial litigation, and was recognized as a Mountain States Super Lawyer in 2013.
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