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A Note from the Issue Editor: Kristen E. Simmons, Esq.

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A Note From the Issue Editor
This month’s issue of Nevada Lawyer focuses on estate planning and asset protection. This area of law is important, not only to residents of our state, but also to many non-residents seeking to do their estate planning in Nevada because of our superior laws. The first article outlines tips for asset protection planning. This area of law, if implemented properly, can be very effective. The second article discusses some issues arising when representing non-traditional couples in their planning. Nevada has made strides to give nontraditional couples similar rights. The final two articles outline how to plan for the family business and how to plan in light of new tax law changes. We hope this issue will be a good source of guidance for estate planning and asset protection planning in Nevada.
Kristen E. Simmons is a member of the law offices of Oshins & Associates, LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada. She practices in the areas of estate, business and asset protection planning. She can be contacted at ksimmons@
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