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Note from the Issue Editor: Hon. Robert J. Johnston

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January 2009 opens with an issue of the Nevada Lawyer you will want to save. We profile Kristina Pickering, the newest member of the Nevada Supreme Court. Don’t go to an oral argument without this information about the accomplished civil litigator elected to replace Justice Maupin. The other new judges in Nevada’s district courts are also featured with brief profiles. Von Heinz tells the story of a watershed event in our bar history – Lewis and Roca vs. State Bar of Nevada. This case opened the door for out-of-state law firms to practice here under their own names. President Bruce Beesley opens a discussion about reciprocity among state bars. Tom Ryan and Richard Trachok roll out some disadvantages and advantages. This will stimulate more discussion for us all. Give your thoughts to the Board of Governors. Finally, on the last page, a new feature premieres – “Back Story.” This is a place for items of interest to the bar – movies, books, history, etc. Watch for it each month in 2009.
JUDGE ROBERT J. JOHNSTON has served as a United States magistrate judge since 1987. He served on the Ninth Circuit Conference Executive Committee from 1996 to 1999, and participated in organizing three circuit conferences. Additionally, he served on the 9th Circuit Magistrate Judge Executive Board from 2003-06. Judge Johnston currently sits on the Court Administration and Case Management Committee of the Judicial Conference of the United States Courts. He is also a board member of the Nevada Judicial Historical Society and the Ninth Judicial Circuit Historical Society.

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