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Nevada Law Related Education - High School Mock Trial

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APRIL 2009
Pictured are Glenn Machado, Macaire Moran, Dedree Smart, Eva Johnson, Kevin Diamond, Kevin Fitzgerald, Michael Davidson, Gabrielle Jones, Sylvia Tiscareno, Randa Reiff Shea, Barry Lieberman,SharonDockter,PaolaArmeni,Paul Kirst, Ismael Santellan, Karen Hanks, Martin Orsinelli, Ed Poleski, Maria Loventime, Peter Mazzeo and Sean D. Thueson.
Tabulating scores during the state mock trial competiton are Don Christensen, Karen Vaughan and Beth Scully.
Art Zorio and Beth Scully review mock trial rules during the recent state competition.
Some volunteers at the State High School Mock Trial Competition. Front row: Art Zorio, Don Christensen, Keith Tierney, Tamara Jankovic and Nicole Harvey. 2nd row: Dan Wong, Dave Grundy, Janet Traut, Bridget Robb Peck, John Samberg, Bruce Hahn and Roger Doyle. 3rd row: Barbara DiFranza, Kerry Campbell and Andrew Craner.
Advanced Technologies Academy students Sierra Snyder, Mayquel Caranza and Montana Ridgeway listen intently to constructive feedback from the panel of judges following their trial.
APRIL 2009
What is Fastcase?
Will I need training to use Fastcase?
Navigation of Fastcase is easy and intuitive. Once you’re logged in, Fastcase’s tutorials are a great place to start. Visit aspx. Fastcase also offers live web seminars for CLE credit. Contact us for information about the web seminar schedule at
Fastcase, the latest member benefit provided by the State Bar of Nevada, is now available to bar members. In order to help you better utilize this helpful tool, here are the answers to some common questions about Fastcase and what the service can do for you:
Fastcase is a Washington, D.C.-based company that has partnered with the State Bar of Nevada to offer free Nevada and federal legal research. Here are just a few of the things Fastcase offers users: • easy-to-use search engine that allows both Boolean and natural-language searching; • Supreme Court of Nevada, U.S. Supreme Court, District Court and U.S. Bankruptcy Court cases; • statutes, regulations, court rules and constitutions; • official pagination and dual-column printing.
How current is the legal research database?
Fastcase updates its libraries daily and adds slip opinions 24 to 48 hours after they are released.
Can I Shepardize cases on Fastcase?
Fastcase’s Authority Check feature displays an automated list of latter citing cases, as well as the text in which the citation occurs. Many Fastcase subscribers use Authority Check as a “first run” for finding out if a case is still good law. Then, for a more comprehensive service, subscribers will double-check using Shepard’s or KeyCite. Fastcase offers links which will direct you to Lexis-Nexis or Westlaw. The charge to Shepardize is about $6 per case.
What is Authority Check?
What’s the cost?
State Bar of Nevada members will have unlimited, free access to information from the U.S. Supreme Court, federal courts of appeals, federal district courts, federal bankruptcy courts and the Nevada Supreme Court. All members can also enjoy access to statutes, regulations, constitutions and court rules for all 50 states. In addition, for access to all U.S. state supreme and appellate opinions, members may choose to access Fastcase’s Premium Plan at a highly discounted price of $195 per year per attorney.
How will I access Fastcase?
You may access Fastcase from the State Bar of Nevada’s website If you need help with your login name or passcode, please contact the State Bar of Nevada. For more information, visit memberservices/fastcase.htm.
Authority Check searches for other cases that cite your case and displays the results as a list of hyperlinked case names. This is a great research tool for finding related precedents, or helping to determine the continuing value of a case as a precedent. In addition, you can use Authority Check on the results page to sort search results in order of authority – with the most often-cited cases at the top of the list. Note that Authority Check only lists citing precedents in the Fastcase database. Fastcase does not hold Authority Check out as a replacement for services such as Shepard’s or KeyCite. Many Fastcase subscribers use the transactional Shepard’s or KeyCite services as a supplement to their Fastcase service.
What are Boolean searches, natural language searches and citation searches?
“Boolean” (or “keyword”) searches allow users to use terms such as “AND,” “OR,” “NOT,” parentheses and quotation marks to find cases germane to a research

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