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Judicial Profile: Hon. Leon Aberasturi

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Attorneys practicing before Judge Leon Aberasturi might interact with the judge without ever seeing him in person. Aberasturi, serving in Lyon County, Nevada’s Third Judicial District, prides himself on the fact that although his courtroom is off the beaten path for many attorneys, they’re able to participate in court proceedings remotely. Aberasturi is a strong advocate for the use of technology – including court appearances via teleconference – to simplify the judicial process.
“We’re doing a lot with technology,” Aberasturi said. “We’re doing more telephonic appearances, especially for status hearings.” The Third Judicial District is also increasing its use of technology in other ways – the court is in the process of implementing an online filing system. “We’re hoping the new 26 Nevada Lawyer May 2013
system will be online by the end of the year,” Aberasturi said. “No more paper – everything will be filed electronically.” In addition to his work for the Third Judicial District, Aberasturi also serves on the State of Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline; the Nevada Supreme Court appointed him to the commission in September 2011. “It’s eye-opening,” he said, “to hear what distresses and challenges other judges.” Aberasturi won his first judicial election in 2006. Prior to taking the bench, Aberasturi served as the Lyon County district attorney for six years and as a deputy district attorney for Lyon and Lander counties from 1994 to 2001. He received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Idaho College of Law. While attending law school in Idaho, Aberasturi became friends with several northern Nevada residents, who encouraged him to take the Nevada bar. Although he was raised in the New York City area, Aberasturi is glad to call Lyon County home. “I like the open air,” he said. “I love the mountains, and the lifestyle is a lot less hectic than New York.” Attorneys preparing to appear before Aberasturi should pay special attention to the written pleadings they file. Aberasturi reads the entire file in advance of his appearances, and finds that many attorneys don’t take advantage of the opportunity to provide an advance look at their upcoming arguments via their written documents. “It’s easier when I know what I’m about to be hearing in court,” Aberasturi said. When not in court, Aberasturi enjoys spending time with his family, including Suzi, his wife of 23 years, and his three children. The youngest is about to start attending college at Notre Dame. May 2013 Nevada Lawyer 27

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