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Issue Editor's Column: Patty Cafferata, Esq.

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A Note From the Issue Editor
Since this is an election year, the Nevada Lawyer Editorial Board decided it would be appropriate to publish an issue on Nevada election law and history. Analysis of some of the recent, interesting court cases and new laws are featured in this month’s issue. For example, David O’Mara’s article describes why the Nevada Supreme Court held that “Ballot Royale” is not the procedure for selecting nominees in special elections. Secretary of State Ross Miller covers the election laws enacted in the 2011 Legislative session in his article. Sometimes elections are not over on Election Day; Bradley Schrager explains the procedures for recounts and election contests in his commentary. While many believed that legislators’ speech was a protected right under the first Amendment, the United States Supreme Court held otherwise. Caren Cafferata-Jenkins explains the court’s decision in her piece, on page 12. If you are interested in the past, I wrote a mini-history of tie elections explaining how Lady Luck has sometimes determined the winner of past Nevada elections. And, not to be missed is Erin Barnett’s Back Story on recent attention some comedy-minded entertainers are bringing to Super PACs.
Nevada Lawyer Editorial Board member, PATRICIA D. CAFFERATA maintains a private law practice in Reno. Chair of the Nevada Equal Rights Commission, she is a part-time hearing officer for Nevada Department of State Personnel.
September 2012
Nevada Lawyer

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