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Issue Editor's Column: Michael Saunders, Esq.

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A Note From the Issue Editor
Every Nevada lawyer knows that the market for legal services in our state is incredibly competitive. With that reality firmly in mind, the August issue of Nevada Lawyer was designed to provide strategic marketing insights and ways to leverage technology for maximum professional advantage. In this issue, Glenn Machado, Assistant Bar Counsel with the state bar, offers an article entitled New Technologies and Old Rules: Rules of Professional Conduct and Marketing in the Digital Age. In this article, he provides sage guidance designed to help bar members navigate the professional responsibility challenges posed by new electronic forms of marketing, such as Facebook and Twitter. He reminds us that the rules of professional conduct remain relevant even in the digital age. Next, Tracie Lindeman, the Clerk of the Nevada Supreme Court, offers an article entitled Moving Ahead: Technological Developments at the Nevada Supreme Court. In the article, she demonstrates to readers that the Nevada Supreme Court is making considerable advances into the digital age. Following Lindeman’s inside look at Nevada Supreme Court technology developments, Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch offer an article entitled Google Makes New Features Rain Down on Cloud Apps. In the article, they provide readers with a useful list of features that Google has recently introduced into its Google Apps productivity suite. Even the most knowledgeable technophile is sure to learn something valuable from their article. Capping off this issue is a feature article by veteran legal marketing expert Sarah Thornton and attorney Kelly Stout titled Build Your Reputation and Grow Your Practice. In the article, they provide keen insights regarding how to make marketing and business development a regular part of your practice. Their article constitutes a concise blueprint for marketing success. May this issue of Nevada Lawyer be of tremendous practical benefit to you in developing your practice. MICHAEL SAUNDERS is a senior deputy attorney general with the Nevada Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. He represents the public interest in cases involving the rates and services of electric, natural gas, telecommunications and water companies before the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada.
August 2012
Nevada Lawyer

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