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Issue Editor's Column: Gregory R. Shannon, Esq.

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A Note From the Issue Editor
This month’s Nevada Lawyer is dedicated to public law, and my colleagues in the Public Law section of the state bar have stepped forward to bring us a jam-packed issue filled with articles on a variety of topics related to this important field. Brett Kandt, chair of the Public Lawyers Section, brings us up to date on recent changes to the Open Meeting Law. Mary Kandaras walks us through a typical civil forfeiture case from the perspective of the prosecutor. Sarah Bradley offers helpful practice tips for analyzing public records requests. Mark Bruce and Jonathan Shipman analyze the state of eminent domain law in the wake of Kelo and Pappas. Dennis Belcourt reminds us that government lawyers, too, are sometimes called upon to represent their public clients in bankruptcy cases, and provides a short course in the basics. And don’t skip this month’s Back Story, in which Patty Cafferata reveals the prestigious and glamorous world of the rural DA. This, my friends, is what public service is all about. GreGory r. Shannon is a former chief deputy DA for the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office and current member of the Nevada Lawyer Editorial Board. He may be reached at
Patrick James Martin, Reno April 2012 Nevada Lawyer 5

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